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26 dic. 2008


La Villazonista de New York, Huhas1, nos hace llegar esta breve, pero sustanciosa crónica. Thank you very much !

On Dec. 22 in Vienna Rolando was even better in La Boheme.
On 18th he sounded like it is impossible to be better, but he was !! And he was DIFFERENT!! He is such an incredible singer-actor with inexhaustible resources for selfexpression. Audience went completely crazy for him. At the end on the street outside of opera huge crowd, may be 150 may be more were waiting hin for autographs.For me it was unforgettable experience to see Hoffmann in London, Two Bohemes in Vienna and movie La Boheme...


4 comentarios:

  1. Huhas1, thank you very much for your comments, as we were unable to find any reference about this two performances of La Boheme.

    It seems that your European mini-tour after Rolando has been very successful; we're glad you're sharing your experience with us.

    Kind regards!

  2. Many, many thanks for your short report about the his two performances !

  3. Happy for his success.
    To be continued!

  4. Thank you Teresa, of course I am going to continue my "reportage".
    Now I am waiting for them , Rolando and Anna, to come to New York. It will be 'Lucia' and I am planning to attend all four performances. Who knows when again will be chance to see them together...