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12 abr. 2009


Siempre hablamos de Rolando como un hombre de múltiples facetas, y hoy os presentamos una nueva: la de tarotista.

Lo podemos observar (mas que entender) en un video del canal Arte, que el incansable Dvedas (thanks!) ha colgado hoy en Youtube. Rolando, como siempre, muestra un excelente humor y una energia desbordante.

Aunque si que hemos entendido dos cosas: que en la carta del SOL menciona a su esposa Lucía, y en la carta de la ESTRELLA al maestro Placido y al maestro Barenboim. MAGNÍFICAS CARTAS, CIERTAMENTE!

Video de Dvedas
Gracias, Eliane

ChristinaLuise (DANKE!) nos ha enviado está traducción:

Marco Stahlhut took the chance and let Rolando Villazón in Munich drag our tarot cards.
Opera star, cult tenor, exceptionally gifted entertainer all this is Rolando Villazón.
Rolando: Viva Mexico, viva Händel !
He set sail on new terrain with his Händel album and he is creativ at draging cards, too.
Rolando: 3 hours later
Rolando: Ok, the sun, le soleil
Who cheered on doing what you are doing ?
Rolando: Lucia, my wife. At the beginning when I thought, perhaps it's just an hobby, perhaps I will do something else in my life. My wife said no, no, no this will be our life and you have to, I, I believe in your dreams and you have to believe in your dreams, too, so we are going together.
Rolando: The destinie's wheel
What do you do with your money ?
Rolando: I use it for beeing free, to be happy with less, so I think for me I have much more than enough, so money means nothing, I don't think about money.
Rolando: The star
Who would you pick into the canopy ?
Rolando: Poetical stars, immediately you would think, a of course I would pick the great Plácido Domingo non a star for him or the great Daniel Barenboim a star for him or a star for my wife, but no I love it that these people are here with us and they are giving this light, the light they
have, we get it here on earth.
Rolando: The choice
Where are your limits ?
Rolando: I don't think about limits, I think we all can fly. This bird can maybe not fly, but this bird have to think I can fly, if this bird says I can not fly, than this bird said this is my limit and he will never be able to fly and if he thinks I will fly perhaps he will never fly, but maybe he will once jump very high and it will be like flying for him.
And on the simple entitled album Händel is Rolando Villazón supported by Paul McCreesh and the Gabrieli Players. In the concert in Berlin you can hear them then on 30th April.


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