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10 ene. 2010


En el nuevo programa POPSTAR TO OPERA STAR, de la cadena británica ITV1, Rolando Villazón compartirá la tarea de mentor de los concursantes con Katherine Jenkins. En el Reino Unido es una superestrella, pero poco o nada conocida fuera de sus fronteras.

Katherine nació en Gales en 1980, y debe su popularidad a su faceta como cantante de crossover, unido a una impresionante belleza. Interpreta desde arias, hasta temas de musicales, himnos o canciones populares. Ha tenido sustanciosos contratos con Warner Music y Universal Music, y sus discos se situan a menudo entre los mas vendidos en las listas británicas.

Os dejo tres videos, de diferentes interpretaciones con Juan Diego Flórez, Plácido Domingo y Bryn Terfel, y, finalmente, otro de una reciente entrevista con motivo del nuevo programa, que comienza el viernes 15.

Juan Diego Flórez,Katherine Jenkins - No ti scordar di me

Placido Domingo, Katherine Jenkins - A Mother's Wonderment

Bryn Terfel, Katherine Jenkins - Ave Verum Corpus

Entrevista a Katherine Jenkins

23 comentarios:

  1. ¡Bellìsima mujer! Me gustò mucho escucharla cantar. Los tres tenores que la acompañaron, la cuidaron muy bien y ella, segùn mi opiniòn personal, no desentonò, ni aùn con el monumental Plàcido Domingo. Notè que Bryn Terfel estuvo muy atento acompañandola como un cantante pop y no de òpera. Allì faltò Rolando...tal vez lo veamos cuando estèn juntos en el reality. A medida que pasan los dìas y leo los comentarios, no solamente de la cbox sino tambièn las traducciones (ayy!!) de los crìticos,que no son halagûeñas, voy reforzando mi opiniòn personal, voy aventando el miedo por Rolando, y creo que en definitiva va ser muy bueno para èl, tomar èste contacto popular, como han hecho otros tenores. A Plàcido, a Florez y a Terfel "no se le han caìdo los anillos" por cantar con ella, que ademàs lo hace muy bien, desde otro lugar que no sea la òpera. Y la forma como està armado el Reality, eso es harina de otro costal. YO LE DOY A ROLANDO MI VOTO DE CONFIANZA Y A ELLA LA FELICITO POR ATREVERSE!!!! Un Abrazo de una Villazonista de ley

  2. Estoy seguro, Nilda, que los veremos cantar juntos, en el programa, y no me extrañaria que en alguna canción del nuevo disco de Rolando, la del Fantasma de la Ópera, quizá.

  3. Jenkins ha comentado en una entrevista que le encantaría hacer un duo con Rolando además comenta que es un apasionado. Y en ello estoy muy de acuerdo.

    Es cierto Nilda, nada pasó porque cantarán con ella tres artistas también extraordinarios. Pero recuerda que Rolando para los criticos siempre ha sido polémico, en fin, lo importante es que él se divertirá y nosotros con él.


  4. C'est sur elle est très jolie, muy guapa !! Elle a déjà chanté avec les plus grands, et la honte ne s'est pas abattue sur eux !!! Elle a une très jolie voix (mais pas une voix d'opéra)
    Il ne manquait que Rolando à son palmarès.
    Elle semble très sympathique et gaie, et Rolando trouvera certainement beaucoup de plaisir à présenter cette émission avec elle.

  5. OUF quelle chance pour Rolando, il ne pourra pas faire le mouton à tondre par CJ, il n'a pas de poil sur la poitrine !!!!
    sauvé !!!!!

  6. The more information we get about the Pop->Opera show, the more I´m losing my optimism about it. So KJ and RV might sing together Phantom of the Opera? But that is neither pop nor opera? I thought Rolando would be the one to represent genuine opera in this show. Confusing... Or, maybe it is better so than if they would sing a real opera duet, as KJ is not an opera singer. Or maybe she will become one during the show?
    I hope Rolando´s own comments will bring a new point of view to the matter, else than: it´s part of the business - the others are doing it too - it is just fun.
    My votes are: Big hair? Yes! Sidestep with Youssou N´Dour? Yes! With Thomas Gottschalk? Yes. Sidesteps to musicals and reality shows? Nooo!

  7. I adore the comments on the coming show in the papers. So ironical, so funny! sceptical, teasing.Love the style!!! They are in big expectation, let us do the same and wait and see. A pity we cannot follow it on TV; maybe we can see it on Internet.

  8. Anne from London11/1/10 18:38

    KJ trained at the Royal Academy of Music in London and was offered a very lucrative recording contract almost immediately after graduation. Ever since then, she has been heavily promoted by her record company, sold vast quantities of CDs in the UK, and made a huge amount of money (more than the majority of “proper” opera singers will ever see). She seems like a very nice, hardworking person and I have to admire her for the good humour and poise with which she navigates this dreadful TV spot. (Recently, she was required to sing with a dog on a top-rated BBC chat show and managed to keep smiling through that ordeal also.) I have nothing against KJ. Good luck to her. I like the timbre of her voice, but find it very bland and inexpressive. She has never appeared in an opera, although she does sing individual arias (like “Una voce poco fa”, very badly, on the Classical Brits last year).

    However, she is perceived very negatively by opera fans in the UK because her PR machine insists on marketing her as an “opera singer”, something she clearly is not. Also, whilst claiming to be making opera less elitist and more accessible, she actually perpetuates all sorts of negative stereotypes about it. She continually implies in interviews, for example, that “proper” opera singers are, for the most part, fat and ugly. She has also said that she finds visiting opera houses intimidating. (Why? I go to the ROH all the time and it’s an incredibly friendly place – and not that expensive, either, if you book early enough.) She also claims that the only reason she hasn’t sung Carmen yet is because she’s waiting for her voice to mature. Apparently, as soon as she hits her thirties, she will be ready to sing Carmen, despite never having sung in an opera before.

    I don’t have a problem with Rolando singing with KJ; I always thought it was inevitable that he would do so at some point. I do, however, think it’s a great pity that he’s choosing to sing with her now, at this moment, when he has so much to prove. To say that Placido, Bryn and JDF have all sung with her without it hurting their careers is missing the point. Their careers are rock solid. Rolando’s isn’t. If this latest venture does hurt his career (and I hope it doesn’t), it won’t be because people can’t stomach the idea of him singing with KJ; it’ll be because they assume he’s only doing it – and this show – because he can no longer sing anything else.

  9. Thank you very much for this very wise comment, Anne ! I really enjoyed reading it ! I, too, do not like people who say negative things about opera then declare themselves the rescuer (?) of this art. I do not think that Opera needs KJ to survive !

  10. I intended to take a "vow of silence" on this subject but I just want to say that I think Anne has described KJ's place within the present day UK music scene entirely accurately.KJ has chosen to stick with a particular genre and made a phenomenal success. What causes alarm is the TIMING of Rolando's involvement alngside her in this particular show. He has everything to prove now as he returns to the stage after a second lengthy absence and astonishingly he chooses now to take part in a downmarket show, potentially alienating opera fans in UK and giving rise to serious doubts about the present state of his voice. Some of us will be lucky enough to see him soon in VIENNA where needless to say we desperately hope to discover that our fears are unfounded.

  11. Marie-Helene11/1/10 19:10

    The first anonymo was me ! Sorry

  12. Por suerte, y así lo ha demostrado en varias ocasiones, Rolando es una persona sin miedos y sin prejuicios. No es que no escuche los comentarios ajenos, pero él hace lo que cree que debe hacer, sin preocuparse demasiado de "lo que se espera que haga".

    Sinceramente, me parecen ridículo que se le critique por cantar una canción de un musical con KJ en un disco para el mercado británico. Y que parezca que toda su carrera se va a poner en juego por hacer de mentor en ese programa. Su carrera va a depender de como cante en los teatros de ópera, no de si canta una canción con la Jenkins.

    Rolando, como todo artista importante, ha tenido siempre un segmento de detractores, que haga lo que haga les parecerá mal: si descansa, porque descansa, si canta, porque canta, si aumenta su repertorio, porque lo aumenta, y si lo disminuye...pues por eso. Existen algunos espacios en Internet donde se le critica sistemáticamente. Nada de lo que haga estará nunca bien, para algunos. Pero llena los teatros, y el público le adora.

    Por favor, prefiero que aquí intentemos evitar las posturas integristas, opinemos sobre el estado vocal de Rolando cuando le hayamos oído en las primeras óperas, y nos tomemos esta incursión televisiva como lo que es, un programa de entretenimiento, no el supuesto ocaso de Rolando Villazón. Si alguien opina lo segundo, tal vez haya otros sitios en internet donde pueda compartir mejor esas opiniones.

  13. Et pourquoi ne pas réagir positivement en faisant confiance à Rolando, et penser que c'est justement parce qu'il est sur d'avoir retrouver pleinement sa voix, qu'il agit ainsi, et qu'il peut se permettre de participer à ces émissions, sans que cela soit préjudiciable pour lui dans l'avenir !!!!!.
    Un peu d'optimisme, et arrètons de nous faire du souci. S'il y a un ténor intelligent, c'est bien lui !!
    Il sait que sa participation dans ce genre d'émission, risque de déclancher un tollé général des amateurs d'opéra.

    Donc s'il agit ainsi c'est qu'il a retrouvé toutes ses capacités vocales et ne craint rien pour son retour à l'Opéra

  14. Marie-Helene11/1/10 21:38

    My spanish is very bad, but I did understand, that people who are not so happy with Rolando's participation in this trash-show should express their opinion and critic in other blogs. I have followed Rolando's carreer since his first Boheme in Bregenz many years ago and am glad to have him heard in many performances and concerts all over the world. I love and admire him as a man and artist and so I feel entitled to express my concerns about his plans. If in this blog only adoration is wanted then I am sorry to stop posting here

  15. I continue to admire and respect Rolando as an artist and as a person. Being human he is not however infallible and will not always make perfect decisions. Teresa has fully explained both here and by email that this is not a forum for such discussion and so, regretfully, I will now cease posting comments in this blog. During the long months of Rolando's absence I did my best to make enthusiastic contributions to this blog and I have enjoyed the camaraderie of the blog and send you all my very good wishes. Above all I wish Rolando all the luck in the world for a great return to the stage and look forward to seeing him there very soon. GOODBYE!

  16. OMG Liz and Marie-Helène, I am so sorry and sad to read your last comments. All at once you are becoming categorique. Why, what happened? Please don't leave this blog. Your contrinbutions are so right, to the point and witty. I am sure Teresa will be very sad to read all this. Why say GOODBYE, Liz? I bet that it is Teresa's intention that we discuss openly about all the subjects. Everybody can express their opinion. That makes our blog so interesting and fulfilling. Around Rolando, who we all adore, we are able to judge, appreciate, deny, make propositions, refuse things, disagree with a lot of things, but everything IN GOOD HARMONY! I feel bad now with a lot of bitterness in my soul.

  17. Me imagino que son las dificultades para entender el idioma en el que escribo (y las mias para escribir en el vuestro) las causantes de estas decisiones que no entiendo. En ningún momento se ha dicho que aquí no se pueda tener un debate...pero si esto es lo que hemos estado teniendo continuamente por muchos temas !

    No entiendo estas despedidas, sinceramente. Me cuesta creer que vuestro profundo disgusto por la opción de Rolando os lleve hasta tal extremo, pero...en fin, cada uno es libre de hacer lo que quiera. Aquí las diversas visiones, expresadas en positivo y con respeto, son siempre bienvenidas. Espero que sólo sea una distancia pasajera y volveros pronto a contar entre los amigos de este blog

  18. it is true, I think this whole misunderstanding is caused by language diversity. I noticed the wrong interpretations in Marie Helene's and Liz's,text of Teresa's comment and I wished I could have corrected it on the spot. Let us do an effort and try to analyse and translate exactly what is written, before we jump to wrong conclusions. And above all let us appreciate the fact that we have so many languages around us in which we can express ourselves. It is such an enrichment and enormous gift, it is not the TOWER OF BABEL, I hope.

  19. I still want to add something to my comments. This blog is not a public debating Forum; it is a friendly blog, born around the admiration of a lot of people for the fantastic Tenor Rolando Villazon. We are glad that we got the possibility, thanks to the great initiative of Teresa, who dedicates so many hours of her precious time(even during her very difficult period at the end of last year) in order to inform us about our "hero",to know everything about him, his concerts, his plans, his ideas and projects; we know a lot about his family life and that gives us the possibility to know him also better. So why fall into polemics and agitate against certain views in the matter, which maybe don't completely correspond with your own ideas and opinion. Is this all worth while? Let us enjoy this blog and be happy with so much info about Rolando. Teresa is only doing her utmost to please us, so why be harsh on her and criticize her and not respect her point of view.This is not a girlfiends blog, it is the VILLAZONISTA blog!

  20. Gracias, mariù. No creo que debamos dar mas vueltas al tema. Creo que todo se ha tratado de un malentendido, por el uso de expresiones que no significan lo mismo en distintos idiomas, y que no tiene más importancia. Espero que Marie-Helene y Liz así lo entiendan.

  21. Liz and Marie-Helene, PLEASE DON´T GO! PLEASE COME BACK!

  22. I say the same as Anneli, for the sake of Rolando, please come back Liz and Marie-Helene! We miss you already!

  23. Yo no me entero de nada, pero estoy de acuerdo con Teresa haga lo que haga siempre hay los descontentos,y espero que en cuanto Rolando suelte su voz y lo haga tan bien como se espera sepan reconocerlo