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18 jul. 2010


Well we nearly never got to London on Thursday, the bus from where I live was very late, and only just got into town, and we only just made the coach, I was so angry,  well we got to London at 1.30 pm, we got off at Victoria,  and needed to get to chalk farm/ Camden, but we had plenty of time yet.  we got our tube tickets and had a look around Victoria and stopped in a nice pub for a drink lol.  At about  3 pm we caught the tube, from Victoria to euston then changed trains and got to chalk farm, the journey was very quick .the roundhouse is not far from the tube station so,  we found another pub, and had another drink, I knew when I came to London I would not be doing any sight seeing, it was just to see Rolando, well we stayed there for nearly an hour, and we decided to get something to eat, there was a take away place down the round,  and I wasn't that hungry so only wanted a few chips to eat well we waited in the line to order,  (well when I traveled to London I had to take everything I needed with me as I was coming back the same day, so I wore my outfit but I never put my makeup on I was going to do that just before I went in the roundhouse, but how I wished I had put my make up on before I had gone in to the take away)... well I looked out across the road and I saw a man with hair like Rolando's, walking down with 2 ladies, I thought to my self, ha-ha there's Rolando, as when I am out and about at home if I see a man with hair like Rolando's I think to myself, that could be Rolando lol, but as the man came closer I realized it was Rolando, with his wife and manager, I said to my friend, omg look its Rolando, she said is it really I said yes look, now my friend is not a Rolando fan but she very kindly came with me to London. well we went outside of the take away and Rolando crossed another road and came straight towards us. Now I am shaking I can't believe my hero is walking down the road, I had planned what I would say to him if I ever met him but seeing him with his wife holding her hand I thought I can't just go up to him and say how great he was, I decided to give him respect and just watched him walk off down towards the roundhouse, though now I wish I had asked for his autograph, so as they walked on I got my camera out and took a picture...

Well I was buzzing,  so me and my friend ate, then we walked down into Camden town to kill more time.  At 6pm after getting my makeup on we arrived at the Roundhouse

We got our tickets, and again made for the bar, milos was on at 8.20, we got chatting to to some people, who had got tickets, and they thought he was singing opera songs, I explained he was singing Mexican songs from his new album, they asked if I worked for him lol. I said no just a dedicated fan, and went on to them tell them about your site Teresa, and how the Rolando fans like to help each other out by getting to his performances and passing on our Rolando love lol.
 My friend and I took our seats at 8.15 now the iTunes festival has always been about pop/rock guitar bands performing and Rolando was the first opera singer to perform here, we were lucky we could sit down at tables as everyone else who has played, played to a standing audience,but tonight's performance was not packed like the other gigs have been, I had a feeling it would not be, but there were people there from all ages, we were told we could not take any pictures, and cameras would be taken off people if they did. the performance was being recorded and would be on TV later on. well milos played he played well, but I was there for Rolando not him, at 9.15 he finished me and my friend popped out to use the toilet, I took a sneaky pictures on my phone....
We had a call to say Rolando would perform soon please take your seats, so we did, we were sat at take 1 near the stage but not the best view, just before Rolando came on Lucy his wife was taken to a table near ours, I got me phone out again, for a quick sneak picture.
 You can see Lucy here with brown hair between the lady with blonde hair and her husband, I explained to the couple that was Rolando wife, they also asked did I work for Rolando, lol again I said no I am just a fan.
before he performed they showed a video of his new album.
 Then 9.30 his Mexican band started to play,  at about 9.45 he came on  spoke a little about the songs he would sing, then started singing besame mucho, he was dressed like he had been in Mexico, and spoke out his love for Lucy and how they met and how he would sing to her, like he did in Mexico. (I have attached a little recording of him singing, I left my phone on in my bag to record him singing besame,) he then went of stage while his band played Granada, came back on sang another song, spoke some more about Lucy who was smiling away, then went off again while his band played again, the time was 10.10pm I said to my friend we must go, though I really didn't want to as I would not hear him sing jurame or la cucaracha. but we need to get back to the coach station, and that was going to be a bit of a journey. They were still filming and we walked round the back of the cameras, one of  Rolando's band shouted out, did you not like the music, I wanted to shout back yes but I have to get home lol, but as it was recording we carried on to the exit.
   I had a lovely day, I may not of seen the whole show but seeing Rolando walk down the road like that was priceless, I really wish I had gone up to him and asked for his autograph, maybe another time lol

12 comentarios:

  1. Muchas gracias a Lisa por esta fresca crónica de su "primera vez" en ver y oir a Rolando. Aunque, por desgracia, no pudo quedarse hasta el final, si que pudo vivir unos momentos muy intensos, y así lo ha reflejado en su relato. MANY THANKS!

  2. Merci beaucoup Lisa pour ta chronique. Quel dommage que tu n'aies pu assister à la fin du concert de Rolando !!! c'est très frustrant !!! Mais tout le monde n'a pas la chance de rencontrer Rolando dans la rue !!!!!


  4. Hi Lisa,
    I loved your chronicle, but did you breath while writing it? I loved that breathless style of yours.So young and frech!! It depicts exactely your emotions and feeling of the whole day. You had a hectic time before arriving in the Round House. What a yourney but I think it has been more than worth while, because who of all the Villazonista fans ever met Rolando "on the street, walking towards you"!!!!????? This sure is unique.And to have seen him performing his Mexican songs in a unusual surrounding, with a young and enthousiastic audience!
    Lucky you. and thank you so much for your lively report.It was great fun reading it. LOL

  5. Thank you, Lisa, for the charming chronicle and photos, and thanks to Teresa for posting them so quickly (como siempre).

    How wonderful that you can finally say you have seen Rolando perform live and also strolling down the street with his beautiful Lucia! I find that photo so touching--and it it perfect taken from behind. It would not have been the same from the front, I'm sure. There is a quality of their marching forward through life hand-in-hand until they are old and grey. Wow, I just visualized Rolando with a white afro...and it scared me!

    It is just wonderful that villazonistas are everywhere, and they can bring those of us who are so very far away and have not yet had the chance, right up close to our dear Rolando. I fantasize that Rolando and Maestro Placido will perform Il Postino at el Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City, and that I can return to that dear city and that beautiful theater to see them in person. Died and gone to heaven! I'm not sure I'd survive the experience, but what a way to go!

    Thanks to all again.

    Abrazos rolanderos on this lovely Sunday!

    Vivan Rolando y Lucia!

  6. thank you all for your lovely posts, xxxxxxx from lisaw

  7. Espero que tengas muchas más oportunidades de ver y escuchar a Rolando, Lisa, y hasta el final.

  8. catherine la parisienne19/7/10 13:22

    Une bien jolie chronique !!!Merci Lisa pour tous ces détails enthousiastes et la belle photo...
    ROLANDO THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Lisa, i had to lol several times, when i read your chronicle! It is so charming! Many Thanks!

  10. olga de chile19/7/10 18:02

    Gracias Lisa por este lindo y simpático relato de tu primera experiencia en ver a Rolando.
    ¡¡No se como te contuviste de hablarle en la calle!!! Me imagino que eres muy respetuosa.
    ¡¡¡ Gracias por las fotos también!!!!

  11. AgenteGDL19/7/10 20:48

    What a nice chronicle, most the drinks and accidents, better the concert. Dear Lisa, next time: Don't matter how many drinks you had in your system, trust yourself. If moves like Rolando and looks like Rolando, IS Rolando, You're a very educated person, if I could find Rolando in the street I kidnap him. The rescue?? a serenate for Laura and some singing lessons for Gino, he needs it desperately.

  12. haha well i had planned to kidnapp him too, and i must drink more next time so i have more courage to go up and speak to him, but when i saw him walking hand in hand with his wife, i imagined how i would feel if i was her and i had a screaming fan coming up to my husband, she may of laughed and been ok with it or she may of said hands off hes mine lol, so i was just grateful to see him walk down the street, and its nice he can do that with out security all around him, i know he is not as big in the uk as he is in europe, but i hope one day, he knows that at least i think he is great xxxxxxxxxxxx from lisaw