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24 may. 2011


Esta mañana, en el programa Daybreak, de la cadena británica ITV, se ha emitido la entrevista a Rolando Villazón, que ya anuncié ayer en el Twitter villazonista. El motivo es su próxima intervención en la segunda edición de Popstar to Operastar. A su lado, Katherine Jenkins, que le acompaña como mentor en el programa. 

video: Addicted2Tea

Podéis también leer, en la web de Daybreak 
Rolando's new show and album

16 comentarios:

  1. i got confirmation today i won priority tickets for the preview show, i am so excited, will be seeing midge ure and rolando together,xxxx

  2. Très drôle le clip :o)))
    Merci Térésa.
    Je crois que Katherine et Rolando vont bien s'amuser !!..

  3. Me gusta el clip del piano y pianista volando gracias a la potencia de las voces de Rolando y Katherine.
    Y me parece estupendo que siga haciendo lo que le parece, pasando por encima de sus críticos más feroces. Total, haga lo que haga van a hablar mal de él...
    ¡Que bonita foto la que anuncia el show y su nuevo album. Está mucho más interesante y con mucho más personalidad que en la portada de LA STRADA (bueno,creo que ya comenté que no me gustaba mucho)

  4. It would be very nice if the hosts/interviewers could get the poor man's name right. I mean "Roland"? I remember being surprised at how many people got the name wrong last year, when he was not just "Roland" but even "Ronaldo." Unbelievable.

    A three-syllable, completely phonetic name just can't be that hard to learn. If this were a ten-syllable name in Outer Mongolian, I think we could be more lenient. But Ro-lan-do?

    I think it's very discourteous and unprofessional not to bother to get the name right. Just bad manners. Grrr.

  5. joanna, the host is a bit of a tw*t anyway,but rolandO looked quite shocked, but laughed it off, though i will say, he was closer calling him roland, he has been called ronaldo, and orlando, which i think is worse lol

  6. Ce que je préfère en premier lieu dans PTO ce sont les moments de coaching de Rolando avec ses "élèves", c'est toujours très intéressant mais malheureusement les vidéos qui nous sont transmises sont beaucoup trop courtes.
    Et ensuite c'est la façon dont les apprentis chanteurs d'Opéra évoluent. Pour certains les progrès sont incroyables,je me souviens particulièrement de Bernie Nolan, l'an passé qui aurait mérité de gagner.

  7. Que bien se Rolando,esta estupendo fisicamentey me alegro que grabe cosas nuevas, y aquien no le guste pues que no lo compre yque no lo escuche.Yo impaciente por comprarlo que salga.Tengo una pregunta y es que yo me pensaba que saldria el dvd de Werther que fuistes a ver el año pasado ya me direis algo

  8. Merce, supongo que te refieres al Werther de La Bastille, de principios de 2009, con una magnífica Susan Graham. No, no saldrá en DVD, de hecho, tendríamos que entender que la mayoría de las óperas que se representan no salen en DVD, es lo normal.
    Ya sé que a todos nos gustaría ver todo aquello que canta Rolando en DVD, pero eso no es lo habitual con ningún artista.
    Sin embargo, el Werther de La Bastille se ha emitido en diferentes canales culturales de Tv, con lo cual existen copias. Y también está entero en Youtube.

  9. FromCanarias25/5/11 20:50

    La promo me parece divertida, desde luego... Reconozco que este tipo de concursos no me interesa y suelo ignorarlos bastante, pero me parece que hay que respetar la decisión de cada cual y genial que Rolando participe en una segunda entrega del Operastar, ¿por qué habría que criticarlo por ello?

  10. Barbara from Colorado25/5/11 22:00

    I have to say that I am disappointed that Rolando is returning to Popstar
    to Operastar. I had no objections when he joined the show last year. He was just coming back after surgery and was unscheduled elsewhere. So why not have some fun and, hopefully, earn some money after a year's absence. My objection is this: I am an American living in Colorado. I wish instead that he would use his time to appear at any number of great summer festivals in our country i.e, Tanglewood in New York, or others in California and in the Mid-West. I live near the Aspen Music Festival and School, an intimate setting in one of the most beautiful mountain towns. Opera is one of their strongest programs. He would have an opportunity to perform, to teach and to inspire the students and other musicians. You see, I doubt that we will ever see him perform again at the Metropolitan Opera which is a very large hall. He is clearly being careful in his choices and is focusing his career in Europe.
    You know that his significant early training, after Mexico, was in the US, in the Merola Program in San Francisco and another one in Pittsburg. So, I wish he would find a way to perform here in a congenial setting. I have no doubt any of these festivals would jump at the chance to have him. Does anyone else feel the same? (There are many great festivals in Europe and the UK as well). Barbara from Colorado

  11. Hi, Barbara, nice to see a fellow American villazonista!

    I would love to see Rolando back in the U.S. under any pretext: any city, any festival, any anything. Yes, he would be hugely welcome here.

    I am not at all disappointed about his choice to do Popstar to Operastar again, something he clearly enjoys doing. He has planned his time since his return very carefully and to put himself in the best situation possible: physically, vocally, mentally, and I think that the rousing successes he has been seeing are testament to the fact that he knew what he was doing. His agent's phone must be ringing off the hook.

    As much as I would love to see him perform here, it is much more important that he pace himself as he must. Also the fact that he can travel almost anywhere in Europe and still be close to his home and family must be critical to him.

    As far as the Met is concerned, I would be surprised if he does not return. He's a huge draw wherever he goes.

    And it's not about the size of the Met--it about the size of Rolando's heart.

    I hope our paths cross if he does come to the U.S.! Villazonistas reporting from the U.S.--Absolutely.

  12. Hello Barbara & Joanna, I'm another Villazónista from USA, and I too long for Rolando to come back to America.

    Since it's been so long, I took myself to the mountain and went to London for his "Werther." And was it worth it!!! The way he was singing at those performances, I'm sure the Met will be begging to get him back. But I asked Rolando afterwards this very same question: "When are you coming back to the US?" And he told me that he IS coming back and that it will be announced on his schedule soon. He said he would be doing concerts in NYC, Boston and some other cities he couldn't remember sometime "at the end of the year." I don't know if he meant calendar year or season, so it might be December/January or it might be Spring/early Summer 1212. So we've just got to be patient!

    Joanna, I'd love to meet you at that NYC concert — LOVE your posts. I live in the Mass. Berkshires.

  13. Barbara, welcome to the Blog Villazonista!
    Janet, thank you very much for all this information about the performances of Rolando.

  14. Rolando coming to the U.S? New York? Boston? Janet, I am lying on the floor, requiring resuscitation about this news! For pity's sake, somebody bring me some vodka.

    I will meet you in NYC, for sure, and why not in beautiful Boston as well? We're practically neighbors.

    My bags are packed, and my credit card is in my hot little hand, poised to buy tickets. Just say when and where. Barbara, are you in? Colorado, in Villazon-speak, makes us practically neighbors, too.

    Rrrolando coming to the U.S.! Poor man, I hope he knows what he's in for. :-)

  15. Joanna and Janet...How wonderful... three US Villazonistas. Practically enough to start a USA Chapter! Yes I would certainly be tempted to come to New York when Rolando is performing, assuming I'm not snowed in. I am a Connecticut transplant,- New York is the city of my Heart and the Berkshires are familiar ground having hiked a lot in the area. Joanna, I too am a fan of your witty vignettes. I appreciate both of your comments; we will have to see about the Met

  16. très bonne initiative pour que les plus jeunes s'interessent à l'opéra !