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12 jun. 2011


En plan muy rápido, Lisa (many thanks!) ha grabado hace muy poco, esta misma noche, este anuncio de la cadena ITV, emitido durante Popstar to Operastar, y lo ha puesto a nuestra disposición en Youtube.


3 comentarios:

  1. that noise at the end is my young son, i asked him to be quiet as i was filming it quick and putting it straight onto youtube but he just could not keep quiet, that long lol i am sure a better version will appear soon, so untill then enjoy xxxxx

  2. ¡Thank you very much, Lisaw!!! y ¡¡Muchas gracias Teresa, como siempre!!, parece ser que vamos a tener más caricias de Rolando para nuestras almas, según este avance del CD "La Strada". ¡¡¡Dulcísimo!!!

  3. I can't tell if I've gone soft in the head. Against my own expectations, I love 'La Strada' very much and I'm no fan of crossover. Rolando's voice is so perfect, so smooth and caressive -- and then dramatic in the right places. He doesn't sound like a big-voiced opera singer beating the hell out of a rubbish little modern song. (This is what I was scared would happen.) He's found how to get right into the songs without compromise and with respect.

    You can tell how much love has gone into the CD. It's helps that the arrangements are so good and the production is tactful.

    In future I won't listen to my own doubts.