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4 jul. 2011


foto: Agencia EFE

foto: Agencia EFE

Esta noche se estrena IL RE PASTORE en la Opernhaus de Zürich y, a la espera de las informaciones que nos envien las personas asistentes, podemos ver las primeras fotos de Rolando Villazón como Alessandro, re di Macedonia que se han hecho públicas, pertenecientes al ensayo del 1 de Julio.


10 comentarios:

  1. Fotografias famosas !!!
    Obrigada,Teresa !
    Ainda tres dias de espera...

  2. Best wishes to Rolando from villazonistas everywhere!

    I love Rolando's jacket--it looks like the ceiling of a baroque church. :-))))

    Viva Mozart! Viva Rrrrrolando!

  3. ¡¡¡Muchas gracias, Teresa!!! ¡Qué interesante escuchar a Rolando en nuevos roles!. Besos.

  4. Tengo muchas ganas de ver y oir algo más de este Re pastore. In bocca al lupo, Nen!!

  5. Realmente me parece precioso el chaleco y la chaqueta a conjunto con las flores, el cielo azul, los querubines, y...un algo blanco debajo...un perro, una oveja, una nube (?), y los pantalones de raso cobre-dorado. Nada más lejos de las camisetas desestructuradas habituales de Rolando, encanta verlo vestido así en escena.

    Auguro que en la próxima temporada otoño-invierno (ahora no, que hace mucho calor, al menos en Europa), nada de Armani, Lagerfeld y compañí llevará el look querubinístico-barroco-rolandero!

  6. Vogue Magazine, July 4, 2011

    Stunning New Fashion Trend Shocks the World

    Fashions designers around the world are reportedly quaking in their boots after today’s stunning revelation that star tenor Rolando Villazón is launching a new line of clothing know as “el look querubinístico-barroco-rolandero”. The first garment in the trend–setting line designed by the tenor himself is a vest and jacket ensemble featuring adorable baroque cherubs against an azure sky.

    Fashionistas around the world stood in long lines this morning for their chance to scoop up the hottest fashion item to hit runways since the mini-skirt. Over-zealous crowds stopped at nothing to get their hands on the coveted item, leading to significant fist-fights, name-calling, nose-tweaking, and vicious dirty looks, all of which was eventually brought under control by riot police. By mid-day, if you were not wearing a Cherub Jacket, your status as a fashionista was permanently and irreparably ruined.

    As rousing a success as the Cherub Jacket has been in the fashion world, there are some who claim there is something very disturbing and sinister at work here.
    Vogue Magazine was able to catch up with three baritones who feel that there’s much more going on here than an innocent fashion statement.

    Vogue: Gentlemen, you are making some startling accusations about the Cherub Jacket that everyone, except other fashion designers, absolutely loves. Can you tell us more about why you think this jacket is nothing short of the epitome of sartorial evil?

    The American: Don’t get us wrong. I mean, as a rule, we like cherubs just fine. Some of my best friends are cherubs. Yah, I go out drinking with cherubs all the time! But it’s what he’s doing with them that’s so scary.

    The Welshman: Let me deconstruct the jacket and its arcane, esoteric, and disturbing symbols. First, we’ve seen him use the face of a cherub as a weapon of intimidation and conquest before—you know, the “Villazón Effect” that had the United Nation in a panic a few weeks ago. There are those cherubs right in your face! They’re EVERYWHERE! You can’t escape them. Then, as if that weren’t bad enough, he added that mysterious white thing—it is a dog, a sheep, a cloud? Or is it a…WHITE DOWN PILLOW! My God, he’s challenging me to another duel with pillows! And to make matters worse, the cherubs hold the garland in their hands ready to place them on the head of the winner—him! Can’t you see he’s taunting us???

    And now we HAVE to go around wearing this stuff or be totally not cool, which is worse than death. I mean, this Jacket of Doom is designed to be worn by a guy who plays football, or, as the Yankees like to call it “soccer” (oh, please); it’s not meant to be worn by big guys like us that look more like pro-wrestlers. He looks devilishly handsome in that jacket—we look like idiots! I mean look at us! We’re walking around actually mocking ourselves!

    All look down glumly at their jackets and shake their heads.

    The Russian: That guy must sit around dreaming this stuff up. Unbelievable. What will he think of next?

    Vogue Magazine contacted the tenor afterwards, and when asked if this was yet another tactic at throwing the baritones off guard and messing with their heads, the tenor cryptically responded, “Huh?”

  7. Qué gusto ver a Rolando en una ópera de Mozart y marcando tendencias en cuanto a la moda!!! (para l@s audaces)
    Mucha suerte al Nen. Y bueno.... ni hablar de pedir un DVD o tal vez una transmisión por TV accesible a tod@s l@s villazonistas, pero estoy segura que al menos uno o dos videos sí tendremos.
    Gracias Teresa por las fotos y la información. Saludos

  8. Merci !!
    Belles photos,costumes chatoyants,Rolando superbe et drôle.
    Mozart et Rolando quelle belle union.

  9. dear Joanna, when can we expect the edition of all your complete works, especially your "Tales from Rolando's world". . How many do we have until now ? One is even better than the other. If you don't find an famous editor, if you have difficulties in convincing them that the subject of your "Tales" is what fans and people in general want to hear, let me know so that I can contact dearest friend Earl Louis Mcdowy, owner and responsible for edition and publication of the Penguin Classic Books. I am sure this company is the best suited for the publication of your subjects, in which we are able to follow your protagonist in his breathtaking career!!!
    Please go on writing such thrilling chronicles. It is a big gift for all of us.We learn from them, we appreciate them and them!!!! In your chronicles you keep us informed and show us Rolando's world with other eyes , so that we can really understand him and fully enter his world.

  10. Ha, ha, Mariu, you are too funny! Thank you for your kind and generous comments! I doubt that I'm helping anyone understand him or enter his world, but I sure am having fun making things up as I go along. I just hope that if he reads "Les contes," I'm not scaring him too much and that he doesn't wind up glad that the Deranged Gringa is on the other side of the Atlantic.:-))))

    The pleasure is in the writing for sure and amusing my fellow villazonistas!

    By the way, I have hundreds of Penguin Classics!