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3 jul. 2012

Site of Superstar Director/Tenor’s New Production Revealed

Alfredo Skywalker (Joanna)

Site of Superstar Director/Tenor’s New Production Revealed

In a stunning disclosure that has rocked the opera world, The Martian Times has announced that, after unprecedented speculation, the Red Planet has won the right to host the premier of mega-tenor Rolando Villazón’s upcoming production of Verdi’s beloved classic, La traviata. According to Thork “Sparky” Zardor, the proud mayor of the Martian capital, Rolandopolis: “So you think we Martians are all green, huh? Well, the rest of the universe is green with envy right about now! Har, har! Get it? I crack myself up!”

Following the recent smash hit of Villazón’s L’Elisir d’amore in Baden-Baden, Germany, Planet Earth, major opera houses around the solar system have been tripping over one another to win the bragging rights for what would be the coup of the decade. Sources close to the investigation state that opera houses on Earth alone, such as those in London, Paris, Milan, Barcelona, and Rochester, New York and countless others, engaged in a bitter bidding war that left more than one opera director slumped over a row of empty shot glasses, singing “Libiamo ne'lieti calici,” then crying for his mama. When asked what finally tipped the scales in the favor of Mars, Mr. Zardor speculated that the Star Wars theme proposed by the wildly-imaginative director seemed especially well suited to the extraterrestrial environment offered by Mars.

“Just think of it!” effused Mr. Zardor. “Alfredo Skywalker in bitter conflict with his papa, Darth Vader, cleverly disguised as the lovable curmudgeon, Giorgio Germont. The duel with the light sabers! Wow, Freud and Verdi would have a field day with that! The Storm Troopers making their grand entrance at Flora’s party! The whole thing is out of this world!”

Reaction on the Red Planet has been a dizzying explosion of euphoria, exultation, and unmitigated delirium. Martian church bells rang at the announcement, and a general holiday was declared for the jubilant populace. Mr. Villazón’s enormous and ardent public has vowed to wear replicas of his signature Lucky Boxers as a show of support for their beloved tenor at the premier, a bold move that has already been approved by the extremely picky Martian Fashion Police.

“He shall be given the keys to the city named after him and declared an honorary Martian,” proclaimed the exultant mayor. “We hope that the royal Martian treatment Mr. Villazón will be accorded will persuade him to make Rolandopolis his permanent home. “

Reliable sources have suggested that the rockstar director/tenor is already planning yet another outer-space themed production, this time focusing on one of Puccini’s classic favorites. Tentatively entitled Close Encounters of the Bohemian Kind, the opera tells the story of young love tragically cut short when Rodolfo courageously boards the spaceship bound for an alien world without his beloved humble seamstress, Mimi, who spurns true love for a thrilling day at the New York State Championship Quilting Bee. Details of both productions will follow as they become available.

Joanna from New York

15 comentarios:

  1. Tout simplement énormissime Joana !!!
    Votre imagination est délirante et fantastique .
    J'aimerai savoir si notre cher Rolando connait votre prose et la savoure tout comme nous ,si ça le fait tordre de rire comme moi :o)))
    Merci ,continuez encore ...

    1. Merci, Claudine! Ha, I either hope that Rolando reads "Les contes de Rolandito" or fear that he does, depending on the day and how many martinis I've had. :-)

  2. Caray!! Vaya imaginación...

  3. Me acuerdo que Rolando contó que cuando viene a leer el blog, le gusta lo escrito por una tal Joanna de Nueva York...
    Joanna, superreporteraaa!!
    Abrazos villazonistas!

  4. Bravo et merci pour tant de talents..
    Je profite de ce passage pour vous faire part du bonheur que j'ai éprouvé à l'écoute le 2 juillet dernier de Passion Classique d'olivier Bellamy dont l'invité était Eric Laugérias entre 18 et 19 h. Celui ci a fait longuement une éloge magnifique de Rolando Villazon. Serait-il possible que quelqu'un sache publier ce passage sur ce blog. Nous entendons trop rarement en France parler ainsi de notre cher Rolando..
    Merci d'avance..
    Jaqueline de Lyon.

    1. Merci, Jaqueline! Y vivan Olivier Bellamy, Eric Laugérias, y...Rolando!

    2. Merci Jacqueline,
      Je viens d'écouter Eric Laugérias dans passion classique d'Olivier Bellamy .
      Cet homme parle de Rolando de façon superbe .Belle reconnaissance ,nous avons tellement envie d'entendre plus souvent de pareils propos .
      Claudine de Lyon

    3. Catherincita4/7/12 19:50

      Merci beaucoup, chère Jacqueline, pour cette information. Je vais immédiatement rechercher s'il y a une réécoute possible.

  5. Danièle4/7/12 16:03

    De nouvelles aventures de notre SUPER ténor préféré, racontées par SUPER Joanna, c'est toujours un grand moment d'hilarité.
    Merci beaucoup Joanna,et ... vivement la suite .....

    1. Merci, Danièle! I'm glad you liked it!

  6. Catherincita4/7/12 19:48

    Comme le rappelle Gabriela, OUI!!!! Rolando lit les "contes" de Joanna à son sujet et cela doit le divertir au moins autant que nous...
    Quelle imagination fertile !! quel humour dévastateur !!
    Je suis à la fois admirative et un peu... envieuse.
    Bravissima Teresa pour le montage photo, totalement en phase avec le sujet : Rolando armé jusqu'aux dents!!!

    1. Chaterine en allant sur le site de radio Classique on peut réecouter l'émission d'Olivier Bellamy.

    2. Merci, Catherine! You know, I think that Rolando must enjoy all forms of comments he reads here: heartfelt, passionate, eloquent, funny, sassy, cheeky, or some combination thereof. No matter whom he is reading, I'm sure he feels the love, and that, I think, is what matters to him.