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20 oct. 2012


Foto: Facebook The Philadelphia Orchestra

Primeras reacciones después del concierto de ayer noche en el Verizon Hall de Philadelphia.

Yannick Nézet-Séguin - Conductor
Marina Poplavskaya - Soprano
Christine Rice - Mezzo-soprano
Rolando Villazón - Tenor
Mikhail Petrenko - Bass
The Westminster Symphonic Choir -Mixed chorus

Facebook The Philadelphia Orchestra:

Oh boy, no words for this one. Yannick, The PhiladelphiaOrchestra, 4 amazing soloists, and the Westminster Choir. A triumph indeed.

Brian Dietzler Awesome!!

Stacy Maria Dutton Great night in Philadelphia - our new music director is the real deal!

Jane Meditz I am so blessed to sing in the WSC and that I get to work with Maestro Seguin! This was an incredible night that I will never forget.


El concierto fue magnifico-Rolando en plena forma! Como describir esta voz? Dulce, aterciopelada, apasionada. Será dificil describir todo.
Le concert a ete vraiment magique. Un peu different de celui de la matinee. Rolando etait dans une magnifique forme. J adorais non seulement ses Hostias et Ingemisco, mais chacune de ses notes chantees. Les aigus, les graves, les fantastiques pianissimis, les velours ont ete tous la. J ai entendu de nombreuses fois le Requiem, mais la variante de Yannick-Nezet Seguin est quelque chose de tres special, avec beaucoup de force, de puissance, d intensite, avec des tempi inattendus et nouveaux. Le choeur etait splendide, majestueux, magnifique, unique dans son genre. 
Yesterday evening was a great success for all the protagonists !!!!! Including standing ovations at the end !!!!!Rolando was singing wonderful,Yannick - as always - a phantastic conducter of a really great orchestra and marvelous choir in the phantastic Verizon Hall.A suuuuper start for him !!!!The other singers also in a great form !!!! 

10 comentarios:

  1. Many thanks Eleonore, Joanna and Marion (and of course, Teresa) for quick and lively reports. The evening must have been fantastic, with fantastic artists.
    Bravo Yannick!


  2. Fantastiques nouvelles !!!!
    Thanks Joanna, Eleonore, Marion.
    J'espère qu'une radio enregistrera ce fabuleux Requiem ,version Yannick Nezet Seguin !!!

    Bravo à tous !!!!

  3. Catherincita20/10/12 14:13

    Bravissimi!!!!à tous les artistes qui ont magnifiquement mis tous leurs talents pour la réalisation de ce Requiem et aussi à ceux qui ont eu la gentillesse de nous offrir si rapidement leurs commentaires enthousiastes.
    Le retour de Rolando aux U.S.A. est un évènement que je suis très heureuse de partager, même à distance....

  4. Merci ,merci Térésa,Eléonore,joanna,marion,soirée magnifique !
    Un grand bravo à tous les protagonistes talentueux de ce spectacle .

  5. C'est une très grande joie pour moi cet immense succès!!! Très heureuse pour le retour de Rolando aux USA !!!

  6. Thanks a lot Joanna, Eléonore, Marion and Teresa. Does anyone know if it was recorded? It seems it was indeed a great concert and I think it was quite an event for Philadelphia, with the new artistic director, with Rolando and the others, and maybe a local tv or radio?

  7. Oh, I'm so happy everyone is inspired. Rolando is inimitable in this universe and "altri siti." :) I love Marina Poplavskaya, too-- her voice is so big and luscious now it's almost unbelievable. (We're not discussing acting, but of all the sopranos singing dramatic roles, I'm most moved by Poplavskaya. She's an artist. It's not an accident that Domingo chooses to sing with her.) And I've always liked Mikhail Petrenko. I don't know Christine Rice--I'll look her up on youtube.

  8. Very happy about these splendid news from oversea! Only wish could have been there. Thanks a lot for the report. VIVA VERDI, VIVA VILLAZON!

  9. Great news!!! Thanks all!! Rolandissimo!

  10. I'm happy to pass on a report about Rolando's singing on Saturday night (Requiem #2) that was given by James Camner on the American "Opera-L" forum.

    "I'm happy to report that he was in splendid voice, singing a glorious 'Ingemisco,' with golden tone, impeccable Verdian style and elegance, and a fine trill to boot. Hearing him tonight, I heard no signs of the vocal distress that has sidelined him. Is he back to what he was? I don't know, but from what I heard tonight, I think he may well be. His return to form would be welcome news."