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2 nov. 2012


foto: Twitter @Javi_SP

Esta es la crónica del concierto de ayer noche en el Teatre Principal de Maó que nos envian Eleonore y Jacqueline V., merci beaucoup!

Un programme joyau dans un theatre joyau!!!!!

Apres les tempètes du jour qui precedait le concert, le 1er novembre nous a salues avec un beau temps et avec du soleil.

Pour son debut a Mao, Rolando a choisi un programme haut en couleurs, tres exigeant et varie.

Comme je connais bien ces chansons, j attendais cette soiree avec une grande impatience car il est une experience unique d ecouter Rolando dans des morceaux connus car on sait qu il nous offre toujours des variations dans une meme chanson.

Les premieres notes de Rolando nous promettaient une tres grande soiree!!!!! Les chansons de Duparc et de Faure ont ete chantees avec une energie inouie et a une voix qui nous prenait aux tripes! La voix de Rolando etait d une beaute extreme, avec la chaleur et le soleil que nous adorons tant chez lui.

J attendais tout specialement les Siete canciones de De Falla que j adore avec Rolando.
Duerme, mi alma - Rolando a chante ces paroles avec une finesse superbissime, avec une douceur infinie.
Ces sept chansons me captivent toujours car d une chanson a l autre, Rolando nous offre sept mondes tout a fait differents, avec des atmospheres, des nuances et des couleurs qui varient de chanson a chanson.

Le public a ete content, il a crie des bravo, et l a salue avec beaucoup d applaudissements.

Au debut de la deuxieme partie, Rolando a interprete les deux chansons de Bellini, puis le theatre a annonce une pause inattendue. Ensuite Rolando est revenu en disant qu il etait indispose des suites d une grippe contractee aux Etats Unis et en precisant qu il ne chanterait pas les deux Donizetti.

Rolando a continue a chanter du mieux possible, pour honorer le public de Mao, ce dernier lui etait tres reconnaissant et comprehensif et il a ete applaudi avec beaucoup de chaleur.

Eleonore - Jacqueline V.

foto: Jacqueline V.
foto: Jacqueline V.

9 comentarios:

  1. Wonderful report. Thank you Eléonore,Jacqueline V. At the same time sad due to Rolando's illness. I hope he get well very soon.


  2. The program must have been fabulous-- even without the Donizetti. Flying is always a little dangerous-- he may have caught cold on the plane. I wish I could be there, as usual.

  3. Merci Eléonore et Jacqueline V .C'est toujours un grand plaisir de lire vos commentaires et voir des photos .Extraordinaire programme .

  4. Debo decir que, a pesar de los aplausos de comprensión dedicados al cantante (somos humanos), el público menorquín salió bastante decepcionado del teatro. Ya durante el descanso estuvo latente un cierto descontento, hablando con diferente personas quedó claro que las cualidades del tenor no satisfacían las expectativas en él depositadas.

  5. U.S. Government Expresses Profound Remorse for Tenor’s Illness

    The government of the United States of America has issued a formal apology to celebrated tenor Rolando Villazón for having inflicted influenza on the superstar during his recent visit to the this country.

    In a brief but powerful statement, President Barack Obama addressed an apprehensive nation: “On behalf of the people of United States of America, I would like to express our most profound regret, remorse, and mortification at having infected Mr. Rolando Villazón, star tenor extraordinaire, with influenza during his trip to Philadelphia and New York to perform in Verdi’s Requiem. I have ordered the formation of a task force from all branches of the government to conduct a full investigation as to how this great nation could have allowed such an atrocity to befall the most beloved tenor of our time. My fellow Americans, this is a dark day in American history, but I promise you that those responsible will be held accountable for their reprehensible deeds. At times like this, who can think about the election? We have a much bigger issue on our hands now: how will we ever persuade Mr. Villazón to return to the United States after such shoddy treatment? I would like to conclude by saying this: ‘Mr. Villazón, we beg you to accept our most profound and humble apology for what we have done. Please forgive us and find it in your heart to return to our shores again!’”

    Following the statement by the President, the Surgeon General resigned, tearfully acknowledging, “I don’t know how I could have let this happen. How can I live with myself? I am wracked with guilt! This is a nightmare! We should have fumigated every member of those audiences before allowing them to come within a mile of Mr. Villazón! And I call myself a doctor?!”

    Congress put aside the usual distasteful partisan politics by voting unanimously in favor of a bill outlawing coughing and sneezing within 50 meters of the tenor. Hugging and kissing will now be strictly prohibited by law. Failure to comply will be considered a felony, punishable by heavy penalties, lengthy prison sentences, and severe curtailment of country club privileges. The President is expected to sign the bill into law immediately, if he ever stops crying.

    The U.S. Embassador is enroute to France in an attempt to establish diplomatic relations with Mr. Villazón and plead for the tenor’s leniency toward the United States. “I don’t blame him if he slams the door in my face. He comes all that way, and THIS is how we treat him? Really, America?”

    The United States has dispatched its top team of doctors, nurses, and spa technicians to care for the ailing tenor and restore him to perfect health. Massive quantities of Kleenex, cough syrup, and chicken noodle soup are being flown by Air Force One with all the urgency that the orders of the Commander in Chief can carry.

    Agitated crowds have gathered in the streets, fearing they may never catch a glimpse of the tenor’s revered Lucky Boxers on this side of the Atlantic. Their mournful cries have filled the night with heartrending pleas: “Rolandito, please forgive us!” “Come back! It will never happen again!” and the well-intentioned but somewhat misguided, "We promise you Taco Bell for life!"

    Only time will tell if the star tenor will pardon the profound negligence of the United States and consider returning to a country so full of remorse, but so eager for another chance.

    1. -:) love it! Joanna, my dear, next time when you predict hurricane Rolando coming to the USA make sure that another hurricane is not around!!!

  6. merci à nos fidèles reporters et bon rétablissement à Rolando !!!

  7. Creo entender que todo fue estupendo de lo que me alegro mucho

  8. De retour de notre incroyable voyage à Mahon , je voudrais remercier particulièrement " Laura " du théatre de Mahon qui nous a extrèmement bien reçues : c'est une île où il fait bon vivre !
    et remercier aussi le talentueux et sympathique pianiste Gerold Huber qui a accompagné magistralement Rolando ! merci !