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24 nov. 2013


Gracias a Maria Protopopov, podemos compartir aquí todas estas fotos y el vídeo "Curtain call" de ayer noche. Es un placer ver estás imágenes, y, sólo viendo el rostro de Rolando, ya sabemos con certeza que fue una función feliz y exitosa. ¡ Un magnífico retorno al MET !

17 comentarios:

  1. Many thanks, Teresa once more.

  2. Thank you very much, Teresa and Maria, for the photos. What a relief to see Rolando so happy after that successful performance. He must have been under immense pressure. In an interview published two days ago he committed that he had cried when he had seen the Met again. I keep my fingers crossed for the following performances. And I am waiting for your report, Joanna (you were the one who shouted "Bravo", weren't you). Kris

  3. Sí, Teresa, ... sólo viendo el rostro de Rolando ... y escuchando la lluvia de aplausos y bravos que recibió!!!!!

  4. The correct word instead of "committed" is "admitted". But Rolando is always a committed singer and actor. Kris

  5. Les photos parlent d'elles-mêmes !!! Rolando rayonne !!

    Un retour réussi, en beauté, c'est fantastique, quelle joie !!!!!

    Merci infiniment à Maria Protopopov pour ses photos si touchantes de Rolando rayonnant, et sa très
    belle vidéo.

    Un très beau cadeau.

    Bravissimo Rolando !!!!!

  6. Le bonheur de Rolando c'est aussi le nôtre, il semble sur les photos et vidéo le plus heureux de tous ces camarades de spectacle et l'embrassade avec Matteï est grandiose et combien émouvante.

    J'aime aussi beaucoup la photo de Matteï qui est un artiste que j'apprécie beaucoup depuis des années.

    Encore Merci à ceux qui permettent de voir ces documents, MERCI Teresa pour avoir mis en photos la vidéo on en profite plus encore.

    BRAVO Rolando

  7. It's nice to see how successful Rolando had with Lenski at the MET. To be after such a long time here on the stage was certainly connected with great pressure, but Rolando has done it again to captivate the audience and to give people a wonderful evening at the opera, together with its partners. I am glad Rolando solved and happy to see, because he's such a deeply touching artist with heart, soul and his magnificent voice. Thank you very much for the photos and the video.

  8. Thanks Tere and Maria. Magnificent photos! Magnificent return of Rolando to the Met . It is easy to understand all that went through his head when he stepped into the stage. We look forward to Joanna's report as well as news from all other people lucky enough to have been there or who may attend next performances.
    Toi Toi Rolando

  9. Thank you so very much Maria for this video full of cheers and happiness. We needed it so much!!! And the fotos! Gorgeous! Seeing Rolando's happy face, smiling, laughing with his mouth, his nose, his eyes and even hair !!! makes us living his hapiness. We all knew what was at stake with this return and HE DID IT !! I am sure the following nights will be even better, now that the pressure has softened:) Querida Teresa, que alegria compartir esos emociones con los villazonistas! Gracias, gracias

  10. Thanks so much to Ms. Protopopov for the awesome photos and the delightful video. I was attempting to take photos of the curtain call, but the Met police jumped all over me, looking like they were ready to inflict serious bodily harm if I continued. I understand that recording or taking photos during the performance is prohibited, but this was the curtain call, for heaven's sake! Maybe all the champaigne had run out, and the Met police were looking for something to do. After all, I'm a very intimidating person, so maybe they wanted to show the audience who was boss. In any event, I am indeed preparing a report, but for now you know the important points: a Kuda, Kuda to-die-for and an exquisite Ya lyublyu vas. But the best part of all was Rolando's jubilation in the curtain call. And, no, Anónimo, I was not the one who shouted "Bravo!" At least I don't think so. Or maybe it was all that champaigne?

    What a wonderful night! Details coming soon!

    1. Catherincita25/11/13 11:45

      Le service d'ordre du MET est bien je regrette pour toi, chère Joanna, mais je suis absolument ravie du triomphe de Rolando et j'attends avec une énorme impatience ton compte rendu de la soirée magique que tu as vécue. Kissssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss

  11. ya lo creo que se ve y se escucha muy bien. Un éxito más para Rolando!, gracias por las fotos y el video.

  12. Merci ,merci..Rolando très heureux ,quel bonheur pour lui ,pour nous .
    Joanna des ennuis avec la police du MET ? J'ai cru aussi que c'était vous ce bravo sonore
    Viva Rolando et merci a tous les villazonistas ,sans oublier Térésa .

  13. Catherincita25/11/13 11:53

    J'arrive en retard et tout a été écrit par les amis villazonistas, ou presque...
    Le bonheur de Rolando qui explose sur les images est le nôtre, dans toute sa sincérité, et je suis certaine que la presse américaine relatera bientôt en détails le magnifique triomphe qui a marqué le retour de notre cher ténor au MET. J'espère que les journalistes sauront mettre en avant le présent et le futur de Rolando plutôt que les soucis de santé qui l'avaient contraint à faire une pause.Le refrain répété du ténor "en voie de disparition" est vraiment pénible et injuste et il serait largement temps d'y mettre un terme.
    Merci à Maria P. pour cette superbe vidéo qui témoigne d'un moment magique et .. VIVA ROLANDO !!

  14. Dear Maria and Teresa - thank you for the photos and video clip.
    And Joanna - I knew you'd be there, carrying the banner for all of us :)
    Such an important night for Rolando - I was eating breakfast here in Australia, thinking of the curtain going up in New York, wishing I could be there cheering him on. I'm so pleased it went well for him.
    Rolando talks about the "marching jaguars" in his breast when he feels the pressure - so let's hope that for the remaining performances, they can at least march in unison!
    Looking forward to your full report, Joanna!
    Best Regards from Shelley in Australia

  15. Thank you Ms Marie P. for the beautiful pictures, not only during the curtain call, but also the ones of Rolando solo ! He looks so happy and relaxed. You can see he is satisfied about his performance.
    Lucky the ones who were there. I remember his Onegin in Berlin, in march 2010., just after his return on the scene. Fantastique. He was on scene the whole time, even after he was shot( !) his momentum , his Kuda Kuda were of an incredible beauty !
    Joanna, how do the Met Police dare to reprimand you. But don't be too angry, they don't know you, they don't know what you have in petto for us, your report, which we are welcoming and waiting for in great expectations.
    Thank you in advance. Thank you Teresa for the always exciting blogs you give us !

  16. Rolando è tornato! W Villazòn!