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21 ene. 2014

"Don Rolando," a noble Don Ottavio - (and Don Giovanni's story of morality) - 18/01/14- Edith

foto: Conny

Aunque tendremos la crónica completa de Eleonore de los 4 Don Giovanni de Viena, adelanto esta crónica que nos envía Edith, referente a la función del 18. Y las fotos son del mismo día, de Edith, Anne y Conny. ¡Muchas gracias a las tres!

"Don Rolando," a noble Don Ottavio - (and Don Giovanni's story of morality).

With excitement and anticipation I awaited the opera evening "Don Giovanni" at the Vienna State Opera on 18.January 2014 and was not disappointed.

Thanks to the singers, musicians and conductor, most notably the two "Don's" ("Don Giovanni" and "Don Ottavio"), they gave a brilliant opera night with a fireworks display of brilliance and passion with magnificent vocal and histrionic stage presence.
The stage and staging brought a little ambivalence with it; Venetian Buildings near by a canal bank, a French cathedral, magnificent ceiling paintings next to bleak vaults as an inn with neon tube as lighting...

Don Giovanni's banquet in the final act and his descent into hell - a spine-chilling scene: In his abysmal morale Don Giovanni dined in a crypt of a church in front of a larger than life stone figure - skeletonized - half man, half death. In this harrowing hour of the night Don Giovanni tries in his excessiveness, even  almost to rape Donna Elvira - who wore now monastery robes -, if she saved not herself from the arms of the lecher. Until the eerie voice of the Commendatore sounded through the church and "the Stone Guest" thrust the shameless Don Giovanni to hell.
Inconsistency also with the costumes: in part with magnificently decorated robes, or some exemplars simple street clothing (for example, Masetto, or the female servants).

But now to the fabulous cast of singers:
Adam Plachetka was a young, impressive Don Giovanni, who knew to use his young voice well, and he represented this immoral seducer also very good.
Malin Hartelius was a vocally solid Donna Elvira, who made ​​theatrically credible, that she desperately tries to win back Don Giovanni's love, but this faithless lover abused only their feelings and turned again to the next women, which also became his victims soon.
Don Ottavio the absolute counterpart, in comparison to the lecher Don Giovanni.
Rolando Villazón was the ideal interpreter. Nobel in his occurance, nobel his attitude, vocally in top form. Rolando characterize with soulful voice and velvety luster the nobleman Don Ottavio. The two known arias "Dalla sua pace" and "Il mio tesoro", Rolando has sung brilliant and full of musical beauty, and so there were enthusiastic and stormy acclaims from the audience. With his acting presence, with his charisma Rolando convinced as Don Ottavio.
Hibla Gerzmava as Donna Anna is equal to him, with dramatic vocal voice, and coloratura-dexterity. Her Donna Anna has no sense of Don Giovanni; she has also no desire to be seduced by him. She really loves only Don Ottavio and she wanted also avenge the death of her father.
David Bizic was a reliable Leporello, but a bit of nobel charisma of a Luca Pisaroni would doing well this opera role.
Ileana Tonca was a histrionic and vocally excellent Zerlina. 
A powerful Commendatore (Dan Paul Dumitrescu) and a little too unremarkable acting Masetto  (Marcus Pelz), rounded off the ensemble of Comprimari.                                                             
Alain Altinoglu led with vigor and skill the experienced State Opera Orchestra, played self at the harpsichord, and accompanied with feeling the vocal soloists.    
Much cheering, enthusiastic ovation, … and of course flowers for Rolando.
As always, (at the final applause): Touching situations - also always the friendly and comradely interaction between Rolando and singing colleagues.

For a long "auto signing hour" in "Arcadia Opera Shop" Rolando embraced again his audience with captivating charm, with kindness and patience of an angel, and perfectly accomplished the evening an unforgettable operatic experience.


imagen: Edith

foto: Anne

foto: Anne

foto: Conny

foto: Conny

foto: Conny

foto: Edith

foto: Anne

3 comentarios:

  1. Thank you, Edith, Anne, and Conny, for the wonderful photos and the beautiful chronicle.Vienna is such a special place for Rolando--he truly is adored there and the look on his face tells you everything you need to know about the splendid success of the evening. Many thanks for allowing us to share in his joy.

  2. Merci beaucoup Edith pour cette première chronique de Don Giovanni à Vienne.
    Merci de partager de nous faire vivre tes émotions et ton ressenti .

    C'est toujours un grand plaisir de vivre un peu ces moments exceptionnels, même par procuration.

    Un réel succès pour Rolando, c'est toujours une nouvelle qui m'enchante.

    Merci beaucoup à Anne et Conny pour leurs photos où Rolando semble très heureux !!!

    La dernière de DG ce soir !!!

    In bocca al lupo à tous !!!

  3. Catherincita24/1/14 10:24

    De superbes photos pour illustrer une brillante chronique relatant un nouveau triomphe de notre cher Rolando : MERCI à toutes !