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4 ene. 2014


Si en el post de 30 de diciembre (leer) compartíamos el texto de la entrevista a Rolando Villazón en el periódico berlinés Strassen|feger, gestionado por personas en riesgo de exclusión social, hoy podemos, gracias a Kris, ver la ilustración hecha por Rolando que ella misma nos había descrito en su comentario en ese post.

En el dibujo se ven una serie de sonrientes personas que esperan el autobús y sueñan con lo que desean lograr (liderazgo, bienes materiales, vacaciones)...y en la esquina un mendigo, sentado en una manta, que acaricia a un perro y sueña con una simple cama.

11 comentarios:

  1. Cela correspond bien à ce que Rolando voulait faire comprendre au Monde: regarder autour de soi dans la rue et voir la misère de pauvres gens...Rolando pense qu'avec sa popularité il peut grâce à la vente de ses dessins aider financièrement .

    Rolando a toujours énormément de bonté et de générosité de coeur. Il a une âme de grande valeur.Il mérite tout notre respect et notre admiration.

  2. Here the artist has illustrated a simple but universal truth in a way that is both clever and touching. Despite the seriousness of the subject, we smile because we recognize ourselves in this drawing. With a simple sheet of paper, a black pen, and a very light touch, the artist shows us that to be human is to dream. We look at this drawing and say, "Yes, how true!" I am sure that it will bring a handsome amount at auction.

  3. Danièle4/1/14 9:50

    Pas besoin de grands discours, tout est dit dans ce dessin.

  4. This drawing shows not only the artist Rolando, but also the incredible in the heart thinking Rolando. Rarely has a famous artist such a big heart and at the same time sympathetic to the situation of people who have nothing. I think that this drawing will have much success and therefore a lot of money is achieved for the poor. Respect and thank you Rolando!

  5. Dessin très explicite ....Grand coeur,bonté,tel est Rolando .
    Ce qui nous le fait aimer encore davantage ...

  6. How does an angel look like? No one knows for sure. Maybe so, as in the churches, the great artists have depicted them? Each of us thinks and sees in the phantasy a different human figure of light in heaven, with a big and pure heart full of love, kindness, deep sense, generosity, understanding and willingness to help.
    But now - not laughs over me: Angel also exist on earth! - Rolando is one of them! He opens our eyes and shows us how easy it is to help. The people who are poor or ill, people who are not as fortunate who need help and consolation, or simply need hope... or how nice the world could be...!
    A touching drawing without words who says it all, a wonderful interview ... - Rolando opens our hearts and shows us a more soulful and outstanding human facet of his fascinating personality.
    I bow with the deepest respect and gratitude to the love and warmth of the heart from Rolando!
    “For everybody in the world,
    Whatever colors their skin may be,
    Whatever their religion may be,
    Whatever their situation may be,
    Good health, lots of love, deep feelings, and peace!"

    Cordial greetings, dear Rolando, dear Teresa and all Villazónistas from Edith from Vienna

  7. Es cierto que una imagen vale mas que mil palabras, me ha emocionado el dibujo.Aprovecho para desearos a todos un feliz Año Nuevo

  8. Edith, acuerdo contigo en todo lo que dices y que lo dices muy bien.
    En oportunidades, los ángeles que son seres pura energía y luz, toman a un ser humano muy especial y se sirven de él para que sea portador de bondades espirituales, que sea consolador para los seres que sufren, para que envuelva con su Amor a todos aquellos que carecen de afecto...y quién duda que Rolando es un ser elegido...único...desprovisto de egoísmo...y que todo lo hace con una alegría sin par...porque en realidad él es LA ALEGRÍA...Bendito Sea!!!

    Gracias Edith, por tu hermoso comentario y Gracias Teresa como siempre generosa...

    Esta noche en Argentina es Noche de Reyes...pero los Villazonistas no tenemos necesidad de poner los zapatos en la ventana...porque hace mucho que los Reyes Magos nos trajeron de regalo a Rolando...

    Y aunque un poco corridos los días "FELIZ 2014"

  9. Rolando siempre se ha mostrado como un ser humano comprometido con éstas acciones de ayuda a los demás. Es una gran persona.

    1. oui Malu Rolando est un homme au grand coeur.

  10. Ouch! What a powerful drawing! The four people at the bus stop are dreaming of things that are not wrong - it is natural to want to achieve, take a well-earned holiday, and so on. Their error is one of omission - it is not what they are doing, but what they are not doing that is the problem. The homeless man without basic needs does not intrude into their consciousness. He is accepted by them as a fact of life, part of the street landscape.

    May I share a true story? In about one month's time we were booked to travel to Myanmar (Burma) for a river trip by replica paddle steamer down the Irrawaddy River - the trip was to have an opera and classical music theme. All arrangements had been made and we were eagerly looking forward to an amazing journey. Imagine our astonishment when last week we were advised that our river ship had sunk in wild weather at sea while being towed from the Mekong River to the Irrawaddy River! Fortunately it was empty and there were no casualties. Needless to say, our trip is cancelled. We were so disappointed, and I was moping around, feeling quite sorry for myself.

    Then I saw Rolando's drawing. I have a home, a wonderful husband, plenty to eat and a warm bed in which I can sleep safely every night. Added to that, my circumstances allow me to enjoy the finer things in life - such as fine literature, poetry, art, music. I have absolutely nothing to complain about!!

    Dear Rolando - if you should happen to read this - thank you for helping me to put life's disappointments back into their proper perspective. I hope your drawing not only fetches a handsome sum at auction, but motivates others like me to stop and think about how they could do more for those less fortunate.

    Teresa and Kris - thank you for the posts!

    Best Regards from Shelley in Australia.