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16 ene. 2014


En el post de ayer vimos el vibrante y encantador video de Rolando Villazón explicando y dibujando La Traviata, muestra una vez más de los muchos talentos que posee. A petición de algunas personas, he extraído 25 fotogramas significativos, de manera consecutiva, para quien quiera descargarse alguna de las ilustraciónes, de mayor tamaño que el visualizado aquí.

Si las queréis descargar todas, lo podéis hacer más fácilmente aquí: 

8 comentarios:

  1. Thank you so much Teresa. It's great to download these frames, and study them more closely. Despite their apparent simplicity, there is so much detail to be found on closer inspection!

    Look at the expression on Violetta's face after Alfredo has thrown his money at her. The single tear, the quiet hurt ... how could he be so cruel? Amazing emotion created with a few pen strokes!

    Is Violetta's "red" a metaphor for her inner passion as well as her "scarlet" past? Is Alfredo's
    "green" meant to convey his inexperience, his youth - before the awakening of his full range of emotions for the first time? Is Douphol's shadowy monochrome figure (with his suit only partly coloured in) an indication of his lack of substance in Violetta's life?

    This is of course, only my speculation ... but it is such fun! Creative analysing stimulates our thinking and increases our appreciation.

    Thanks again Teresa ... and thanks especially to Rolando!

    Cheers from Shelley in Australia

    1. Thanks dear Shelley, your analyses are very well observed and marvelously.
      Greetings from Vienna
      Rolando had drawn all the roles of the protagonists with all their different emotions in the gestures and faces. So, like in his ravishing singing, playing and writing!

  2. Rolandos huge talents, his great skill, his splendid phantasy, all this and still much, much more, is enormous, brilliant, unique and divine.
    With what skills, you want to still surprise us, dear Rolando?
    Big thanks Rolando, for your interests and your great feelings for all things in the world!
    And also thank you, dear Teresa that you share with us.
    ... And ever for your great effort!

    A big hug

    Edith from Vienna

  3. ¡Gracias Rolando!, ¡Gracias querida Tere! Excelente síntesis con un increible humor y una aguda críitica a los estereotipos operáticos.
    Un abrazo de año nuevo

  4. Catherincita17/1/14 10:00

    Magnifique idée que ce découpage ! Muchas gracias !
    Même si le décor est différent de celui de la mythique Traviata de Salzbourg, il reste la robe rouge d'Anna et aussi le peignoir et les pieds nus de Rolando au second acte.Quel extraordinaire travail où se mêlent humour et émotion !La marque de Rolando....

  5. Térésa merci !
    Shelley bravo pour votre analyse .
    Un grand merci à Rolando qui encore va nous surprendre ,car son talent est immense .

  6. Dans l'avenir Rolando créera et illustrera une bande dessinée complète née de son imagination !!!

    C'est pratiquement certain.

  7. Thank you Edith and Claudine for your greetings and kind words about my amateur analysis! I return all your greetings, and I agree with all the comments everyone has made. "La marque de Rolando" indeed - as Catherincita says! It says on the Sinfini Music website that "L'Elisir d'Amore" is to be the next target of "Villazón Toons". That will be special, I am sure!! Will Nemorino juggle, I wonder ... ???