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6 abr. 2014


foto: Ingrid
Danke schön, Edith und Ingrid.

Mozart’s (mysterious) Tête-à-Tête

Between time and space, the clocks seemed to stand still ... a mysterious visit to the - with music filled - concert halls and corridors of the Vienna Konzerthaus. W.A. Mozart opens with interest and curiosity the doors to the rooms and halls, such as Mozart-Saal, Schubert-Saal, Berio-Saal; everywhere he hears beautiful music - but not what he is looking for. But then remains "Woiferl" - opens quietly the door to the "Great Hall" and listens entranced his immortal music...

And what Mozart let his heart beat faster - its sang his friend Rolando Villazón, with whom he had spent a lot of beautiful, happy hours and fantastic operas-performances in Salzburg, Baden-Baden and Vienna. He felt, as if Rolando took him by the hand and carried him through his musical stages of his life and let him reminisce.

"Si mostra la sorte" tender, soulful, and "Per pieta, non ricercate" - sung with despair - and so each aria increased to the next highlight (... and my personal favorite …):
"Misero! O sogno o son desto? ... Aura che intorno spiri"- “Woiferl Mozart” had tears in his eyes, because the passionate, emotional interpretation art and the beautiful voice of his friend overpowered him.

"My temperamental friend had it actually managed, to remind me of my childhood back! As I was 9 years old and I have composed "Va', dal furor portata" in England. Rolando is a vicious guy and sings with flying colors this gorgeous coloratura and delightfully furious!"Thinks Mozart, and settled seduced …

With the aria „Dove mai quel trovar ciglio?" – delightfully amusing with convincing charm. And a "Or che il dover ... Tali e cotanti sono" sung with consummate reverence.

The revered composer was overjoyed that his dear friend Rolando and the wonderful musicians Kammerorchester Basel with the concertmaster Florian Donderer as brilliant and well interpreted his works; and the audience had his compositions so excited acclaimed.

But Mozart was pleased even more: Rolando gave his friend and the audience still a special fun with the two funny pieces: "Con ossequi, con rispetto" and "Clarice cara mia sposa" - full comedic humor, and an incredibly fast-paced language- and text-skill - a true art!

"Woiferl" could not hold his pleasure and his happy feelings, so very delighted him Rolandos spirited, passionate and energetic performance. Full of joy and jubilant laughter ran Mozart through the corridors of the Vienna Konzerthaus and jumped like a boisterous child down the stairs.
Now he was content and happy and he could leave the earth again - knowing full well that his wonderful compositions will live on and on...

A wonderful and memorable evening!
Thank you Mozart! Thank you Rolando!

- Vienna -

video: Ingrid

foto: Ingrid
foto: Edith
foto: Edith
foto: Ingrid
foto: Ingrid
foto: Edith
foto: Ingrid

Después de la publicación del post, añado tres fotos de Marion (vielen dank!).

foto: Marion
foto: Marion
foto: Marion

5 comentarios:

  1. Eleonore6/4/14 13:38

    Danke, Ingrid für diese wunderbare Fotos, and Edith for this touching, very special and even more personal chronicle about Mozart and one of his best friends. Once again, at their best!!!!!

    Bravo, Rolando! Gracias!

  2. A fantastically beautiful concert. Rolando was incredibly charming, funny and he sang great. The audience was enthusiastic and happy. Rolando, the great artist, has given us an unforgettable evening. Unfortunately not sing Rolando next season at the Vienna State Opera, but we all hope, that it is an exception. Rolando we do not want to miss in Vienna! Thanks for the report and the photos.

  3. Lindísima crónica y hermosas fotos de nuestras amigas villazonistas. Gracias!

  4. Catherincita7/4/14 13:56

    Merci, chère Edith pour cette chronique à la fois poétique et touchante. L'intimité entre Mozart et Rolando y est flagrante ...
    Merci également à nos photographes émérites, Ingrid et Marion, qui captent et partagent si généreusement les images de notre cher Rolando...
    Rolando a brillé de mille feux à Vienne et c'est un vrai bonheur pour tous ses admirateurs !

  5. Danièle7/4/14 21:25

    Merci Edith pour ta si jolie histoire de la rencontre de Mozart et Rolando.

    Il semble évident, en entendant Rolando chanter Mozart, qu'ils sont très complices, et que Mozart a trouvé en lui l'interprète idéal .

    Merci à Ingrid, Marion pour leurs très belles photos que je vais précieusement enregistrer dans mon ordinateur qui ne va pas tarder à exploser sous l'effet "Rolando" !!!!!.

    Mon ordinateur va exploser tant je stocke de photos de Rolando !!!