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21 jun. 2014

Così fan tutte Dramma VERY giocoso (La Scala 19/06/2014)

foto: La Scala

Cosí fan tutte - Dramma VERY giocoso

For me, Cosí is one of the greatest operas. Not only for the mgnificent music of Mozart , but also for the ingeniously constructed and built action. A great challenge to the stage director to find all finest and hidden facets of the piece, for not remaining on the trivial and commonplace level.

The staging of Guth is creative, rich in inventive, unexpected details, and in some moments it is audacious enough to go even into burlesque. In this staging, Don Alfonso moves the loving couples as marionette figures, with a simple gesture of his hand. This concept results in sudden stops, in "stiffen" and fixed positions, in rigid standstills, sometimes for very long seconds. The director demands much (in some moments even too much) of his singers, mostly of Ferrando and Guglielmo. There are complicated sequences of movements to be done by these two singers while singing. The poison scene is particularly extraordinary, they have to make amusing movements with legs, head and hands. In other moments, they have to glide down a long staircase, lying prone, upside down - while singing! Often they perform strictly synchronized movements. Our Ferrando and Guglielmo must be very acrobatic, and, certainly, they are excellent athletes because they do everything with ease! We have three hours of carefree happiness!

The sets of the opera has brought the concept of a modern interior design appartment with its minimal-style fourniture and light colors. The African like masks make us wonder in the first moments, but, of course, they have a very important role in the action. The costume are elegant, the high-class white suits of the men are de luxe. At the beginning and at the end, Dorabella and Fiordiligi have beautiful turquoise and royal blue dresses, but for most of the time they are in panties.

What to write about the orchestra of La Scala? It is one of the best operatic orchestras. Its gorgeous and richest sound is universelly known, and if there were some small uncertainties, especially with the wind instruments, it was certainly due to the opening night.

Barenboim and Mozart - they are sinanimous. He has a deep sensitivity to the delicacies of the music, to show all treasures of Mozart's genius. Sometimes his tempi are perhaps slow, but everything remains beautiful and very Mozartian. I love with Barenboim that he is always extremely attentive to the singers.

We have beautiful voices. The incredibly fine pianissimi of Maria Bengtsson (Fiordiligi) are exquisite and delightful. Katija Dragojevic is a convincing Dorabella, and I loved Serena Malfi as Despina, she was great as a "doctor" and a "notary". Adam Plachetka and Michele Pertusi are not only excellent singers , but also fantastic actors in this brilliant comedy.

We say always that every role fits to Rolando perfectly. His stage presence, his acting are in every opera powerful, strong, rich. But Ferrando fits him really as a glove. In the staging of Guth, the clownesque side of Rolando is at its absolute best, without any exaggeration. In every moment, in every gesture, he is honest, true and sincere, while remaining deeply comic. His stage movement is captivating.

Rolando's voice is sweet, honeyed, with an immense flexibility allowing him to seduce us in every moment with the incredibly difficult melodies and recitatifs of Ferrando. "Un aura'amorosa", "Oh cielo! Questo é il tamburo funesto...", "Per la man che lieto io bacio...", "Dove son, Ché loco é questo...", "Io tremo e palpito...", "Ah, crudel, ti capisco...", "Per giardinetto...", "Alfin scoppia la bomba...", "In cual fiero contrasto...", "Tradito, schernito...", and so many other gems with his celestial voice!

A fascinating evening.



Muchas gracias a Eleonore por esta crónica, esta vez en inglés, para diversificar los idiomas. Puedo añadir la buena noticia de que Così fan tutte serà retransmitido por la RAI el jueves 3 de julio, a las 21:15h :

dibujo: Rolando Villazón

foto: La Scala
foto: La Scala
foto: La Scala
foto: La Scala
foto: La Scala

foto: La Scala

5 comentarios:

  1. Merci Eléonore . Comme toujours une très fine analyse du spectacle ,de la mise en scène ,de l'orchestre et des chanteurs , commentaires très éclairés .
    Un seul regret pour moi ,ne pas pouvoir être a Milan pour applaudir Rolando !!

  2. Thank you, Eléonore the report about this magical opera of Mozart. It is very difficult to say anything after that.

    The stage-setting is modern, inventive. I love it. Every little detail is in place. The colors, the acrobatic movements, steps, gestures, facial expressions.
    And Rolando isFerrando himself.

    Mozart would be happy if he saw this Ferrando. As happy as we were that night.

    Thank you, Rolando!!! MUCHAS GRACIAS!!!

  3. Catherincita22/6/14 18:20

    Comme il me sera difficile d'écrire une autre chronique, aussi érudite et passionnante que celle d'Eléonore !
    Tous les détails y sont et nous permettent de partager cette belle "première" qui a déjà reçu des critiques positives.
    Une nouvelle étape dans la carrière brillante de Rolando et un vrai bonheur pour ses admirateurs de plus en plus nombreux.
    Ne captant pas La Rai, j'ose espérer qu'il sera possible de récupérer ce précieux document grâce à la magie de nos amis du Blog et aussi de notre chère Teresa !
    A l'avance, mille fois MERCI !

  4. Danièle23/6/14 9:36

    Merci chère Eleonore pour ta captivante chronique si bien analysée.

    Que dire de plus ? : que cette soirée fut un enchantement,avec toute la sensualité des désirs amoureux parfaitement exprimée par l'orchestre et les chanteurs, une mise en scène très inventive, sobre mais d'une grande beauté, et la voix céleste de Rolando !!!

    Ce sont des moments de beauté et de bonheur inestimables !!

    Merci Rolando et à tous les interprètes !!!!

  5. Thank you so much Eleonore for an excellent review. "Cosi" is a favourite of mine as well, and I love Rolando's portrayal of Ferrando on the CD released last year. "Un aura'amorosa" is sublime! Not every opera lends itself to unusual staging, but it seems to work with "Cosi". The portrayal of Don Alfonso as a puppet master is a brilliant idea. I am so pleased you were able to share in the enjoyment and success of this wonderful production.