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30 jul. 2014


foto: 24/07/14 Anne


'Ist das Baden-Baden Festspielhaus?'

Mozart is a magician.... With Verdi, Donizetti, Wagner, etc..., I have my favourite pieces, I know exactly which operas are my 'Number One'-s. With Mozart, I am unable to choose, my favourite opera is always the one I am listening to. In these days, in Baden-Baden - The Abduction from the Seraglio, a work with extremely challenging vocals, a colourful and exotic treasure alternating comic and deeply dramatic scenes, 'Turkish' music and spoken monologues and dialogues, 'antecedents' of the famous recitatives.

In classical music, my two greatest loves are recital and concert version. They offer me the most complete - both musical and human - experience. At the concert version, all serve the cause of music. No scenery and costumes, no acting, in every moment we focus on music, on the musical instruments and on each note sung by the singers. This is even more important with Mozart - in his music, every note is a gem. 

For this magical music, we had the best cast, an astounding orchestra and choir under the baton of a brilliant and electrifying Nézet-Séguin with his young, fresh, sparkling Mozart. After my terrific experiences with Don Giovanni, Cosí and Verdi Requiem under his conducting, I expected something extraordinary.  I got it.  His music was tremendous.  

Diana Damrau IS Constanza both in music and in acting. She is a quasi romantic heroine with an incredible force and courage  and an immence will to fight for love. In her scenes with the Pasha or in her duets with Belmonte, her fabulous voice expresses the biggest scale of  emotions, with all the colours of anger, wrath, sadness, happiness. Every note has something to say.

Anna Prohaska is one of my favourite sopranos, she is wonderful in every role, she is a great singer and a great actress.  She was a perfect Blonda. Franz-Josef Selig has a wonderful bass, and he sings and plays a tremendously hilarious Osmin. Paul Schweinester was very good, his voice was handsome in the seranade in the third act. He created a very believable Pedrillo. In the scene where he gives the wine to Osmin, he is particularly humourous. 

Thomas Quasthoff was a real revelation for me. I knew his voice, but unfortunetly, I didn't hear him sing on stage. Selim is a spoken role and the spoken voice of Quasthoff is also marvelous. He is simply perfect in this role. In the role of the Pasha, Mozart offers us the portrait of a man of great European culture and intelligence who chooses to forgive the son of his worst enemy and also Konstanze, and let them live. Quasthoff plays this character with power, intensity, without any exaggerated or false pathos. His duets with Konstanze and the final scene are unforgettable.


Rolando gives a personal touch and adds a special savour to each of his performances.  Love it! The Abduction offers great opportunities. As a Spanish nobleman, Rolando replaces some German words with Spanish ones in the first act in his dialogue with Osmin. On July 21th: Freund with 'Amigo' and Alter with 'Senor', on July 24th: we had only 'Amigo' and on July 27th, we had the German words . 

At the beginning of the third act, we have these words:
'O Liebe, sei du meine Leiterin!'

We had the following versions from Rolando:
O Amor, o Liebe, sei du meine Leiterin! - July 21st
O Amor, sei du meine Leiterin! - July 24th and 27th

Rolando had always big applauses for these 'versions'.

At the last evening, in the first act, in his duet with Osmin, Belmonte sings:
'Ist das des Bassa Selim Haus?'

In Rolando's version:
'Ist das Baden-Baden Festspielhaus?'

This was so unexpected, so funny and humorous, that Yannick Nézet-Séguin stopped the music and burst into laughter, similarly to the audience who highly appreciated these moments. 
An AXIOM: I love Rolando's Mozartian voice! In every opera, I discover new nuances, new colours in his plendid, stunning and prodigious voice. In The Abduction, his vibrant and vivid voice gave Belmonte great passion.

His brilliantly played Belmonte is a rich character, intensely dramatic and musically ravishing. I was completely bewitched, captivated, charmed  by the beauty of his voice in his geat arias ( 'Konstanze, dich wiederzusehen, dich!', 'Wenn der Freude Tränen fliessen,  'Ich baue ganz auf deine Stärke'), in his duet mit Konstanze ('Welch ein Geschick! O Qual der Seele!'), in the final quartett ('Nichts ist so häßlich als die Rache').

Three fantastic evenings in Baden-Baden!

Muchas gracias a Eleonore, Anne, Marion y Jacqueline E. por su colaboración

foto: 24/07/14 Anne

foto: 24/07/14 Anne

foto: 27/07/14 Anne

foto: 27/07/14 Anne

foto: 27/07/14 Anne

foto: 27/07/14 Anne

foto: 27/07/14 Anne

foto: 27/07/14 Anne
foto: 27/07/14 Anne

foto: 24/07/14 Jacqueline E.

foto: 24/07/14 Marion
foto: 24/07/14 Marion

foto: 27/07/14 Anne

foto: 27/07/14 Anne

foto: 27/07/14 Anne

foto: 27/07/14 Anne

7 comentarios:

  1. Quel beau post !!!

    Intéressant, riche d'informations, de références musicales, de détails amusants !!!

    Rolando merveilleux et toujours imprévisible : " Ist das Baden-Baden Festspielaus ???"

    j'aime particulièrement cette version de Rolando !!!!

    Les photos de nos amies Anne, Jacqueline E, Marion, sont merveilleuses et témoignent du grand succès de ces trois soirées.

    Le bonheur sur tous les visages des artistes, est la preuve de leur réussite et de leur amicale complicité.

    Bravo à tous !!!

    VIVA Rolando, Diana et Yannick !! et à l'année prochaine à Baden Baden pour un autre challenge avec un casting éblouissant !!!

  2. Chronique et photos sont superbes, merci a tous!! DD et RV,c'est tres beau couple, entre YNS et RV est l' amitié visible! MAIS- bonnet rastafari-qu' est-ce que cela signifie?? J' espere que l' année prochaine j'aurai l'occasion etre a Baden pour Le Nozze avec vous!

  3. Catherincita30/7/14 20:39

    Merci pour ce post de premier ordre grâce à ces magnifiques documents qui nous montrent tous les artistes dans un état d'euphorie compréhensible puisqu'ils viennent de partager trois triomphes mérités.
    Nos amies photographes : Anne, Marion et Jacqueline E, à qui rien n'échappe... ont merveilleusement capté les expressions de complicité, les facéties et tout ce qui rend ce post si vivant.
    Grâce à la chronique pertinente, très bien documentée et plongeant le lecteur dans l'univers mozartien, j'ai été ravie de lire que Rolando a déclenché l'hilarité : il est toujours si plein d'invention, même en version concert....
    Merci infiniment, chère Eléonore pour ton récit à la fois enrichissant et divertissant.

    ROLANDO sort vainqueur de ce challenge difficile et mérite, évidemment, nos BRAVI enthousiastes et, ô combien, affectueux.

  4. Thank you so very much for this post. An incredible testimony of a night which clearly was very very rich! Thank you Eleonore, for when you love somethimg you have no limits showing it :) Can't wait the CD. Morover so when Rolando is again on stage with Diana whom I really love. Thanks a lot Anne and Marion and Jaqueline E for your fotos which give us a flavour of the happiness of all on stage and afterwards! We know: when they are happy it means it was fantastic. I love to see Rolando's big smile or wholeheartly lough! Thanking him for his music we must also remember to thank him for his idea of perfoming and recording these Mozart's operas :))))

  5. Many thanks Anne, Marion, Jacqueline for the photos, and big thanks Eléonore for the report from these great evenings.

    I’ve met with Mozart operas so many times, but I’m a Mozart’s operas fan since Rolando singing Mozart operas.
    The three "Die Entführung aus dem Serail" were a real eye-opener. The three-night has shown the wonders of the human voice. Artists on stage know everything about their sound: laugh, cry, be prepared to think; and we’va seen all this colors in those evenings.
    A special pleasure was Thomas Quasthoff in he spoken role of Selim.
    Rolando is always different and he always bring new colors to the stage. All roles (such Belmonte also) is unique, inimitable, surprising and and very intimate.

    Thank you Rolando for your voice, and your interpretation. Thank you for this Belmonte.

  6. Merci à vous toutes pour ces belles photos ,Eléonore pour cette chronique toujours bien précise.
    Tous sont radieux ,heureux .Quel bonheur de voir tant de joie sur une scène et après !
    Rolando rasta encore une trouvaille hilarante

  7. Thank you all for the detailed reports and photos from another wonderful occasion and debut performance for Rolando! I will look forward to the release of the CD with all of these wonderful artists. Rolando's Mozart project is wonderful!