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26 ago. 2014


foto: Anne
JOSEPH HAYDN • Symphonie Nr. 39 g-Moll Hob. I:39
WOLFGANG A. MOZART • "Per pietà, non ricercate“ KV 420
WOLFGANG A. MOZART • "Or che il dover“ – "Tali e contanti sono" KV 36
CHRISTOPH WILLIBALD GLUCK • Ouvertüre  Iphigénie en Aulide
CHRISTOPH WILLIBALD GLUCK • "Unis dès la plus tendre enfance"  Iphigénie en Tauride
WOLFGANG A. MOZART • Symphonie Nr. 25 g-Moll KV 183

Four dazzling gems in a sumptuous jewel box
To attend only one of these two Matinees was a great sadness for me. I had a ticket only for the second one. Both concerts were 'SOLD OUT' from the very beginning to the very last day, and when tickets appeared for 23rd August on the last day, it was too late for organising train and hotel!
The Mozarteum Grosser Saal is an exceptional venue, a world apart even in Salzburg, distinguished by its architectural beauty, its uniquely intimate atmosphere and its excellent acoustics. A fabulous place made even more special by the performers of this concert.
I like Haydn, even though he is not among my greatest composers. But with this orchestra and under the baton of the excellent Ivor Bolton, this music (Symphony No. 39 in G minor, one of the passionate 'Sturm und Drang' /'storm and stress' - a movement of sensiblity emerged by the Enlightenment/ symphonies of high pathos of Haydn) fascinated me with the rich sounding of the orchestra, the exceptional sense of style and the immense energy of the conductor, the sensational sound of the four horns, the agitation of the music. I liked particularly the 'Andante', one of the most gorgeous slow movements of the composer, and also the frenetic finale.  
Gluck's Overture to Iphigénie en Aulide is an enchanting music and a perfect introduction to Rolando's aria.
Mozart's Symphony No. 25 in G minor, K. 183. is very close to Haydn's Symphony No. 39, with its dramatic first movement and with the finale which offers the turbulence and the wild tension of the first movement. Also in this symphony, the four horns lend an unusual and extraordinary sound to the music.
When Rolando started to sing, I had the impression (and this happens to me countless and countless times), that I have never heard such a beauty. But not only this heavenly gorgeous voice captivates me: The unbelievable capacity of Rolando to offer new colours in his voice, to explore new ways to express all kinds of emotions, to give us the magic of Mozart's poetry and humour.  
As the Mozart CD is one of my greatest treasures and as I attended several Mozart concerts, these three arias are very familiar to me, but at this Matinee, we had something new.
Which of these arias was the most magnificent?
'Se non trovo in che sperar', or 'Chiamo solo' or 'che mi venga a consolar' was the climax in 'Per pietá, non ricercate'? Which colour of his voice was the most thrilling? 'Penso, ripenso ...' or '... le chiedo la ragion, tacer le miro' or '... non obbligarci a dire...' was the most stunning in 'Or che il dover...'? The richness, the warmth, the splendour or the sweetness was the most impressive in his voice?
And the tremendous ability of Rolando to perform, play, sing 'Con ossequio, on rispetto', this phenomenal piece full of irony and satire! This aria was sung as an encore.
For me, the highest point of this Matinee undoubtedly came with 'Unis dès la plus tendre enfance', this air of Gluck, sung with the deepest soul in the heart, the most profound emotions, the strongest feelings and with an infinite tenderness.
A rain of applauses and bravos filled the Grosser Saal. Rolando was granted a standing ovation in recognition of his art.


                                                                       fotos: Anne

                                        Gracias a Eleonore y Anne por su colaboración

5 comentarios:

  1. Thank you Eléonore for this very personal report. Thank you Anne for unique photos. Thank you Tersa for this post.

    There was a rainy day at Salzburg, 24th of August. But the sun has rises for me, when Rolando has begun to singing. I agree with Eléonore, when she says: „I’ve never heard such a beauty”.

    The Gluck aria was the top of the concert. I’ve no heard it yet, and tears came to my eyes, until i’ve listened it.
    The arias were treasures indeed.


  2. Thanks for the report and the beautiful pictures. I am pleased with the great success in Salzburg. I unfortunately could not be there, but Rolando has this great assent of the audience, as always, deserves and one sees him to Joy. What happiness for lovers of classical music, that Rolando is completely healthy again and we can admire his magnificent voice and brilliant acting skills - not to mention his great warmth after the performances.

  3. Catherincita27/8/14 15:47

    En ces jours d'été si gris à Paris, ce post arrive à point pour réchauffer le moral : les images de Rolando en pleine forme( Danke Anne!) et le magnifique compte rendu d'Eléonore, sont là pour attester de 2 triomphes successifs devant le public souvent sévère de Salzbourg.
    Un retour glorieux pour notre cher Rolando après ses quelques jours de vacances ne peut que nous remplir d'une grande joie .

  4. Merci Anne reporter photographique infatigable .
    Eléonore une mention toute particulière pour ce compte rendu magnifique .
    Un chaleureux merci ,et viva Rolando

  5. Danièle30/8/14 9:00

    Merci infiniment Anne et Eleonore pour ce nouveau reportage enthousiaste sur les concerts de Rolando, de retour de vacances frais et dispos, en pleine forme pour reprendre une nouvelle saison.

    Oui Eleonore la voix de Rolando est aussi pour moi, à chaque fois que je l'écoute, un émerveillement, un miracle de beauté, sans cesse renouvelé.