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6 sept. 2014


foto: Anne

A Dream Came True - Il Combattimento in live with Rolando

Since I heard the Monteverdi CD for the first time, I expected the moment to hear 'Il Combattimento' in live with Rolando and, since the Monteverdi concert in Baden-Baden, to rehear, rehear and rehear in live 'Si dolce é'l tormento', 'Pur ti miro' and the other treasures.

With the 'Le Concert d'Astrée', we get the best Monteverdi, every beauty of his music, The musicians under the fabulous conducting of Emmanuelle Haim are able to show the utterly present-day and contemporary character of Monteverdi. With them, I have the feeling to be in Italy, to see Italian landscapes, fabulous cypresses, blue sky and to feel all the emotions of Italian people. I was captivated principally by the violoncello, the violine 1, the lirone, the laute. But all the musicians provide the perfect setting to enjoy the magic of the voices.

Between the Monteverdi pieces, we had two orchestral pieces by Dario Castello and an excerpt from Luigi Rossi's Orfeo. Good and challenging musics, but compared to Monteverdi, they seemed to me less inventive, although I liked the richest sounding of the orchestra and the attrative singing of Lenneke Ruiten.

Already in Baden-Baden, I liked the voices of Emiliano Gonzalez Toro and Lenneke Ruiten. This time as well, they were excellent. Toro has a great sense of humour, and with Rolando, they offered us hilarious moments in 'Tornate o cari baci'. .


From the very first moment of the first piece ('Interrotte speranza') to the last note of the second encore ('Pur ti miro'), the voice of Rolando was the pure magic. After so many prodigeous, gorgeous, stunning experiences, I am unable to find news expressions to characterize the endless and timeless beauty of his voice. How to describe the uncredible strong vocal presence in every moment? The wonderful sweetness in 'Si dolce é'l tormento'? The deep warmth in 'Pur ti miro'? The heartrending voice and the pwerful stage presence in 'Combattimento'? The radiant, brilliant moments in 'Eri giá tutta mia'?

The succes was huge. Rhythmic applause, bravos!

The three singers offered us 'Vi ricorda o boschi ambrosi" and, after the loud and long continued applauses, Rolando and Lenneke Ruiten sang once more 'Pur ti miro' which was - if it is possible - even more magnificent than the first one.

The evening finished with a Standing ovation!



foto: Eleonore

fotos: Anne

Muchas gracias a Eleonore y Anne por su colaboración

8 comentarios:

  1. Thanks for the great chronicle and wonderful photos. Cd Combattimento is one of my favorite recordings and Pur ti miro is incredible beautiful arias. And live? Dream!

  2. Danièle6/9/14 18:42

    Encore une chronique passonnante et enthousiaste qui à la fois provoque bonheur, mais aussi envie et regrets de ne pas avoir assister à ce nouveau concert Monteverdi de Rolando !!!

    Merci chères amies reporters Eleonore et Anne pour ce nouveau cadeau !!!

    Et surtout MERCI à ROLANDO !!!!!

  3. Catherincita6/9/14 19:03

    Nous avions pu faire connaissance avec les 2 brillants partenaires de Rolando lors des galas Monteverdi de Paris, en février dernier et je suis très heureuse qu'un nouveau triomphe ait couronné leur collaboration avec la non moins brillante E. HaÏm.
    Sur tous les visages, le même bonheur partagé - Merci, chère Anne de capter si bien chaque détail!
    Même si Eléonore a du mal à trouver les qualificatifs encore plus élogieux... il n'y a aucun doute sur son enthousiasme qui transparait à chaque mot et ajoute au bonheur renouvelé de lire sa brilllante chronique de mélomane avertie.
    Une certitude : la voix de Rolando au TOP ! Rien ne peut me réjouir autant...

    Merci à toutes pour ce magnifique post!
    Mille bravis à Rolando et ses collègues !

  4. Gracias, Elèonore, por tu magnífica crónica; a mí también me gusta mucho el tandem Haïm, Villazón y el cd lo he oído mil veces. Y gracias también a la infatigable Anne, nuestra grandísima fotógrafa!

  5. Que dire de plus ! Merci Anne toujours des photos superbes .
    Eléonore chronique détaillée ,enthousiasme et adjectifs insuffisants pour qualifier la voix enchanteresse de Rolando .
    Merci à vous .

  6. If any duet should be sung a second time during a program, it is "Pur Ti Miro." Is there anything so exquisite and sublime, yet somehow simple? Many thanks to Eleonore and Anne for the gifts.

  7. Thank you Eléonore for this wonderful chronicle, thank you, Anne for this wonderful photos of this stunning concert.

    I had a dream. The dream became a reality on September 4, Bremen, when Rolando began to sing the Combattimento. It was wonder, magic in every minutes. I was under the charm. Unspeakable, indescribable.
    But the magic was all the evening, from beginning to end.
    Thank you, Monteverdi, Emmanuelle Haim, Lenneke Ruiten, Emiliano Gonzalez Toro.

    And special THANK YOU, ROLANDO!

  8. Thanks so much Eleonore and Anne for the lovely concert report and photographs. What a delight to be able to hear such beautiful singing and orchestration! I love the Combattimento CD and the work of Emmanuelle Haim and Le Concert d'Astree - and of course I love Rolando's unique and versatile renditions of these fascinating pieces. I will listen to my CD again and imagine myself in the audience as you were!