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9 sept. 2014


foto: der-neue-merker

Book Presentation "Kunsstücke" Rolando Villazón - Vienna, 07 September 2014
Heinz Sichrovsky (cultural journalist and presenter) conducted the interview with Rolando Villazón (for the most part he asked the usual questions - those we know from countless interviews). Rolando replied with his usual charm and had - as so often - so many laughs elicits from the audience.
Between these "questions and answers": Michael Dangl - actor from the ensemble Theater in der Josefstadt - was the reciter.  He read from the book "Kunsstücke" - obviously well prepared and with skilful accentuation (Primera Tríada: 1.1.2 CRAC CRIC CRAC) and (Segunda Tríada: 1.2.2 SUBMARINO AMARILLO). 

From Rolando radiates as always an extraordinary fascination out and he has this wonderful ability to enchant also as a writer. With his magnificent talent with countless colors and deep feelings to formulate, he juggles with words, scenes and people with their different characters; with a huge range of knowledge and wonderful poetry. A feat that stirs and touches ... makes reflection and joy. A profound novel!  I'm glad not to have missed this book.
Thank you Rolando, for your great heart!
Enthusiastic applause and a lengthy queue of waiting people for a book signing… and ... Rolando - as always - friendly, happy and with a great patience of an angel!
Best wishes to all of Vienna


foto: APA- Herbert P. Oczeret

foto: Edith
foto: der-neue-merker

foto: der-neue-merker

foto: Edith

foto: Edith


foto: Edith

Danke schön, Edith!

4 comentarios:

  1. Danièle9/9/14 21:15

    Danke, thank you Edith pour ce reportage et ces jolies photos où l'on voit Rolando heureux avec une superbe chemise noire brodée de fleurs !!!

    Je suis très étonnée par l'importance du public qui s'est déplacé pour entendre Rolando parler de son livre.

    Tout ce que fait Rolando passionne ses admirateurs, et admiratrices , c'est tout à fait exceptionnel pour un artiste lyrique.

    Il a l'amour de son public, quel bonheur pour lui et pour nous !!!

  2. Eleonore10/9/14 9:56

    Thank you, Edith, for the photos and for your chronicle allowing relive this stunning Book Matinee!

    I had a lot of favourite moments. I particularly liked Rolando's thoughts about pain and about the role of physical and soul pain in our lives. I was deeply touched.

    I was impressed by his passionate reasoning for bringing new ways, offering new opportunities in singing. I loved his words about modern opera staging for not having "museum opera".

    And how to forget his enthralling clown philosophy, explained with such power,energy and intensity!!!

    As always I was fascinated by his profound passion for all that he does.

    GRACIAS, ROLANDO, for your contagious enthusiasm!

  3. Catherincita10/9/14 10:13

    Thank you very much, dear Edith !
    Ta chronique si personnelle reflète parfaitement l'ambiance chaleureuse qui règnait durant ces rencontres avec notre cher Rolando. Il sait mieux que tout autre faire partager ses passions, et sa verve brillante qui sait alterner le sérieux du philosophe et la drôlerie du clown ne peut que séduire et enchanter le public venu si nombreux. Rolando, le magicien, a le pouvoir d'attirer les foules où qu'il passe, quoiqu'il fasse. Sa relation avec le public, si directe, si amicale, si naturelle est unique.
    Quelle chance de pouvoir partager ces moments avec LUI !

  4. TV Vienna. The show "Stöckl" was very good. Rolando told of his book and his opinion of clowns. As one guest said, he always go to the final rehearsal, Rolando said "yes" because in the final rehearsal the audience is particularly interested an this makes the artist very happy. On the subject of "Sociale position of women" said Rolando he hoped he is not "macho" and of course he carry downstairs the rubbish. He is proud to be Mexicans but at home be was nowhere. He is everywhere happy and admired the nature and works of art. It is not good for an artist run after the fame but a singer must to sing with the heart and with the soul, as much as possible.