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23 oct. 2014


foto: Edith

Muchas gracias a Edith

A Firework of voices and full of musical colors
(... And a secret mission ...!)

Insulated from the eyes of the artists and the audience, some great composers have found at a clandestine meeting in a salon near the Great Hall in the Konzerthaus in Vienna.
«Oui, oui Messieurs, you have to realize that "our" french star tenor Rolando Villazón after the grand Entree with my Ouverture Le Roi de Lahore, the prayer of Rodrigo Ah! Tout est bien fini ... Ô Souverain, ô Juge, ô Père from Le Cid with fervor and beauty has sung.»
«And then - ma belle Pumeza Matshikiza that had made with my Elégie so much sweetness in her clear voice» reaffirmed the French composer Jules Massenet his opinion.
«No, no realmente! Rolando is not from france.  - Él habla Español!  Él es méxicano! Y nuestro gran  orgullo!» , responded eagerly the five Spanish composers.
«Oui, he speaks many languages, especially the language of music - our music» - rumbled a little bit angrily Georges Bizet - «but my duet Leïla! Leïla! Dieu puissant le ... voilà - these two artists were truly phenomenal and full of emotions.»
«Si, but much more my Lamento di Federico … È la solita storia ...!» - Francesco Cilea gushed enthusiastically - «Grazie, Signore Villazón! Davvero fantastico, meraviglioso! Rolando excelled impressively with his excellent voice, his passionate interpretation, with his deep feelings!! Indescribable, incomparable!! I had tears in my eyes!»
«Fantastico, eccellente!  - But please do not forget that Maestro Voronkov and the musicians of the Philharmonic Orchestra Bohuslav Martinu have played my Intermezzo from Manon Lescaut with phenomenal dedication. And then two of my masterpieces ... Turandot and La Bohème! ... Signore, ascolta ...  -  del mia dolce Pumeza!» ... and Giacomo Puccini told in-between times with shining eyes that he was so enthusiastic about the duet «O soave fanciulla so touching, so emotional, with so much love and warmth! And those high notes! Grazie, Rolando e Pumeza! Grandioso, so must to be sung my operas!»
After the break, Gaetano Donizetti was in his element: «Mia Signori, prego ascolta mi, now my operas are the next, they are coming now! - My very revered composers, you must agree with me, that my Ouverture fromDon Pasquale was full of lightness and elegance played.» Donizetti reveled enthusiasticly «E mio Nemorino, Rolando – tu sei mio unico Nemorino!!!  With his Caro elisir! sei mio!… Tralala… Esulti pur la barbara … - is one of many reasons, that we all have to closed this great artist in our heart! This Rolando's a super talent, unique, an experience! He has a wonderful voice, a lot of imagination, burning passion, great sense of humor - a real stage presence! And his gorgeous aria Una furtiva lagrima, he sung glorious and hauntingly, beautifully!»
«Mio caro Gaetano», Giuseppe Verdi interrupts his colleague, «yes you're right, this Rolando is really unique, and he has always demonstrated his great talent and his marvelous voice in my "Viva Verdi-Concerts!" «But also Pumeza Matshikiza previously has sung with beautiful colors Sul fil d'un soffio etesio, when Nanetta calls the fairies out of their hiding places from the flower garden ... »
«Si, si, finally our Spanish works begin to shine!» rejoice the spanish composers.
«So my Intermediate from La boda de Luis Alonso is fully of Spanish temperament, muy buenos músicos y gran Maestro Voronkov!» Gerónimo Giménez noticed.

Reveriano Soutullo and Juan Vert radiated with pride and cried «Un sueño! Un gran éxito!... As Rolando has sung a fiery passionate performance from their Zarzuela La Soto del Parral with Ya mis horas felices  ... he has ravished the audience to a rapturous storm of applause ....!»

«And how fully of temperament is Pumeza with Oh! La pitoyable aventure from my L'heure espangnole!», Maurice Ravel happily narrated.
«Rolando Villazon - ¡Vaya un torero! And Pumeza Matshikiza his pretty gypsy woman! These two grand artists had sung full of passion and brilliance my composition Si, quiero torero sé from El gato montés and both have an excellent chemistry!» raved the spanish Zarzuela Composer Manuel Moreno Penella.
While the composers have discussed full of infatuation about this beautiful concert, there were four "bises":
Pablo Sorozábal was so inspired by Rolando powerful performance and his passionate feelings with the Zarzuela No puede ser from La tabernera del puerto, so that the composer nearly fell from his armchair.
Leonard Bernstein appeased the spirited spanish composer: «Hey man, do not so crazy! Pablo, don't make so much noise, that the people in the Great Concert Hall can perhaps hear you! - Listen dear, how beautiful Tony and Maria - oh sorry, of course I mean Rolando and Pumeza - sing from my musical West Side Story ... Tonight, tonight» - the American composer closes his eyes for a long moment and hummed the melody.
Miriam Makeba and Jerry Ragovoy - who had now come into the salon to the composer - jumped up from their seats, bobbed their bodies in dance rhythm to Pata, Pata, clapped their hands and shouted pleased: «Hey, this fantastic guy and this nice girl - finally brings our Hit!!! Wow, they both are great opera singers and Pumeza & Rolando make a perfect performance with our great song!»
The other composers were so fascinated by the rhythms and immediately they wanted to dance to this song.
«Signori, Signori - silenzio, silenzio!» - Giuseppe Verdi weighs his head thoughtful and begs his excited gentlemen composers around a little consideration. «In the great hall the artists still are singing! But as you hear dear gentlemen, the great feast of my opera La Traviata is in full swing. It sounds so, as if the people in the Great Concert Hall all laugh and celebrate! Come let us with my Brindisi also celebrate!»
And then, secretly the composers left the Salon at the Konzerthaus in Vienna.
Much later, the Billetteure and the staff from Konzerthaus were surprised, why in the salon several chairs and armchairs are standing so muddled, although this room was closed for the public ... ;-)
Great enthusiasm in the audience, thunderous applause, standing ovations, flowers and ... radiant faces - from the artists and the audiance!
Concerto grandioso! Mille grazie a tutti and to the "one and only" Rolando! And also Pumeza!
Cordial greetings
Edith from Vienna

foto: Edith

foto: Edith

foto: Edith

foto: Edith

5 comentarios:

  1. Well, dear Edith, this is an original way of writing your report from the Vienna Concert. So inventive, well done, so different from the normal classical reportage in the papers ! and so amusing and witty.
    Thank you for giving us this "life"performance; I had the feeling to have been there, surrounded by all the famous composers ! And I could feel the rhythm of the PataPata in my body ! And then the mix of all the different languages, that gives such a good impression of the international character of the music and of Rolando's gift for the many languages he speaks !
    Thank you so much !

  2. Catherincita23/10/14 17:42

    Merci, chère Edith, pour ce post plein d'humour et d'originalité qui correspond très bien à la personnalité de Rolando et, d'après ce que j'ai entrevu, aussi à celle de Pumeza. Ils forment réellement un magnifique duo et les triomphes se succèdent et se succèderont pour les prochains rendez-vous avec leur bienheureux public.

  3. Every time I hear Rolando at the opera or a concert, it is a special event. Also again persuaded here in Vienna and Rolando fascinated the audience with his voice and the tremendous expression. Like no other singer he can also bring in between the audience laugh and he showed here in Vienna the great art of admirable clown. Mrs.Matshikiza was very good and a lovable partner. Happy and bright-eyed we went home.

  4. Thank you so much dear Edith for this post (je continue en français)si roiginal, drôle, inventif, et très touchant qui nous relate si bien ce fantastique concert.

    Quel beau duo avec Pumeza, je suis certaine qu'ils vont continuer à enchanter le public tout au long de leur tournée !!

    Bravo Rolando et Pumeza !!

  5. Thank you Edith for your wonderful chronicle and beautiful photographs. Another triumphant evening for Rolando and Pumeza. I love the idea of all the great composers trying to claim Rolando as their own!